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Suzuki TL1000R

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Looking to buy a TLR... can you guys give me some pros and cons on this V-twin beauty.....any info from Tiller owners appreciated......Thanx
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GSXR750MKE said:
Yeah but the TL1000R is so much sweeter looking
Its all POV.... but Jeeps is right... I think KP might be looking at selling his TLR!

He's in Florida where are you Mike?
SVupON1 said:
:scratch: really? I loved the low end on the V, but that was about it. Top end on the V sucked @ss...but then again it was a SV and not a top performer.
Yeah key thing... the SV650 is a top performer... most street guys that ride the liter V's... love em!
That black TLR is oh so sweet!!! :drool: Probably the best one I've seen!!!!
GSXR750MKE said:
anyone know where there's a Tiller 4 SALE .............
Ya is that like a code word for somin other than what Jeeps & I think it is???? :scratch:
Isn't that the bike you just got?
Ya but is it still worth anything after leaving it with Bee!
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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