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Suzuki TL1000R

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Looking to buy a TLR... can you guys give me some pros and cons on this V-twin beauty.....any info from Tiller owners appreciated......Thanx
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twisty said:
Buy an 2001 TLS. More ponied and 100 pounds lighter. U will thank me in morning...:lol:
Yeah but the TL1000R is so much sweeter looking
JK_DILLA said:
'mike, are you selling your 750?
Yeah my 750 is (98 with barely over 6,000 miles on it) up for grabs for the right price, I live way up north in MA just a 24 hr drive to FL
Whoa........aren't we getting a little off Topic? :jacked: :scratch:
katanapilot said:
Me here... I got this:

I used to own this:

Here are my personal Pro/Cons list:

  • TLR is an attention getter even on Idle, thesound is deep and beefy.
  • Gixxer and busa guys like them (some times even not knowing what it is).
  • not a lot of them out there (so u r not common).
  • Trunk space is like I have never seen.
  • The Riding Position is awesome
  • Seat is very nice and soft

  • Heavy Mofo
  • Sucky suspension
  • Crotch heat (like a weener roaster)
  • Power band some where... I am still looking for it
  • RPM limiter is much closer than u think
  • 20-30 Miles less range.

This is off the top of my head... not a bad bike, just not my cup of tea...
My suggestion try it before you get it.

I might do some upgrades to it and force my self to like it, first is a coat of black paint (like this)
If i can find one to test ride i will for sure......I'm not looking for a speed beast like my Gixxer's a rocket. I just love the TLR i guess i have my beer glasses on when i see one cause she still looks like a beauty to me no matter what anyone says...........But if you ever decide to sell your TLR Please let me know cause i will drive down to florida to check it out.......4 SURE..
anyone know where there's a Tiller 4 SALE .............
Gas Man said:
Ya is that like a code word for somin other than what Jeeps & I think it is???? :scratch:
u funny haha.......... :readng:

Hey Katana Pilot I'll Trade ya my 98 GSXR750, Only 6,300 miles on the odo..
why in the world would you want a honda stock gixxer would smoke that Toy...........LOL
1 - 8 of 37 Posts
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