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Suzuki TRE Modification More HP and throttle response?

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what is this? a TRE Time Retarding Eliminator is this for real , it fools the bike into thinking it's in 6th gear so you get the full throttle response your engine actually produces in all gears ??? is this just a Suzuki thing?? :here: :here: I want one for my GSXR750
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Like twisty said...get them from you will NOT find a better price on them. they are made by a guy named jeff wallace and sold by gixxer. he even offers one with a toggle switch. also it makes the coomputer think its in 5th gear all the time. the timing retard doesnt kick in till the upper rpm range of 6th. i also hear it smoothes things out on the bottom end too like that jerking trait that busas have when cruising at low speeds.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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