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SV riders

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okay this may seem dumb to you guys but when i ride dirt all i shift on is my feeling of when i think i should, so on the sv650s what RPM range should i shift?? or should i just go by gut feeling?? :sorry:
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GSXR750DJ said:
Ok I am not a SV rider ut I will answer anyways. I shift when I want to. And most of the time, its around 11-12,000 rpm's. hehehe I like to wind them out. But you can do it by your gut feeling.

So are you getting it this weekend? Is it a done deal or do you not know yet?
well if i like it and it isent all scratched up or i dont wreck it on the teast drive :lol: but yeah it is pretty much a done deal!!!!!!

i wish i could just go to sleep and wake up sunday morning and go for a ride!!!!

now i just got to find someone to ride with :thumbs:
thanx!! :thumbs:
okay but no one ever really answered the RPM range i might just go by gut but i might do it the "right" way (if there is one) the "right" way is what i whant to find out?? :thumbs:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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