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SV riders-

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Who rides a 120/70/17 front tire on their Sv? I know track guys with one have to if they want decent rubber, so does it change much or can you tweak a few things to make up for it?
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Why would you want to switch the stock size? :scratch:
That's what I don't get... it you want more turn in... go to a 110/60 if you want less turn in... why not just go to a 130/60...
The 120/60 to 120/70 has been more popular. You have more rubber on the sides and you can lean more with more rubber contacting the ground.
More rubber down... :skep:
But you don't have more rubber on the ground with taller side walls...

You just have more rubber to buckle under the pressure...

:scratch: maybe somebody else will clarify...
The sidewalls aren't taller. The middle of the tire is taller.
Yes it is... the 120 is the size in mm of the tread... then its 60 (or 70) % of that width for the side wall then the tire rating and rim size

See here!
NW... I would say that you would only have half of that change!

Think about it... 50% of the raise would be on each end of the tire.. So you really should only have to raise the forks up 6mm in the tripple and you should look into raising the front fender up a few cause the tire would be taking up 6mm more in the space cushion between the tire and the fender.

And (I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure) sense the SV speedo is drivin off the front wheel this is going to throw off the speedo!! You will be going faster than indicated!
That guy NW... knows his stuff!
JK...we are working on the rep points problem.
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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