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SV riders-

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Who rides a 120/70/17 front tire on their Sv? I know track guys with one have to if they want decent rubber, so does it change much or can you tweak a few things to make up for it?
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Well i don't have an SV but I do have a 120/60. The 60 series causes the bike to kinda dip (for lack of better terms) into turns more while the 70 series smooths all that out. I'm going to the 70 once I get new rubber. The front will have to be lowered like 8mm to compensate for the change.
The 120/60 to 120/70 has been more popular. You have more rubber on the sides and you can lean more with more rubber contacting the ground.
It's a taller tire so there would be more rubber on the sides during the lean angle. **** i don't know. That's just what I thought. It seemed obvious.
The sidewalls aren't taller. The middle of the tire is taller.
Not sure. I'll have to check. i seen it on a how-to on another forum and I think he said 8. You could be right though. I did have a chance to ride an '05 R6 and you could definately tell the difference. It felt real nice. I got 8mm on this one. On some bikes, like the older R6's you have to mod the front fender for the new tire height. People were thrashing their fender and would have to raise it a lil.
Gas Man said:
Yes it is... the 120 is the size in mm of the tread... then its 60 (or 70) % of that width for the side wall then the tire rating and rim size

See here!
So it's taller and wider. The wider it is the more rubber contact in turns. I know it says 120 for both, but it is taller. it'd have to be because With an MC tire if you just go wider then the curve is gonna suffer and there goes your turning. Plus I've seen them in person.
jeeps84 said:
The brand has allot to do with it. Some have a round profile while others have a sharp profile.
True. Metz's are more round and Mich's are more pointy
No Worries said:
Wait a second. Looking at the sidewall aspect ratio in Gasman's tire tech link, the height of the sidewall in the 120 60 tire will be .6 times 120 or 72mm. The height of the 120 70 tire will be .7 times 120 or 84mm. So the 120 70 tire will be 12mm higher, which raises your triple clamp 12mm. To lower the triple clamp 12mm, you have to raise the fork legs 12mm or about 1/2 inch higher in the triple clamp.

That seems like a lot to me. I would measure the height of your axle off the ground with your stock 60 tire and then measure it with the 70 tire. The difference is what I would raise the fork tubes.
Good call. I'll have to remember to do that once i get my new rubber.
R1up0n1 said:
I went to a 120/70 for the first time 2 weeks ago. It took me a whole day of riding at the gap to get use to it. I like the 120/70 a lot more over the 120/60. I can really manover the bike a lot faster and get down a lot lower with the 120/70.
Only two weeks ago? You've had your R1 for a lot longer than that. It didn't have the 120/70? Did that guy change it? That's the stock tire size.
JK_DILLA said:
wasnt untill i posted this that i realized how silly it was... because NW wouldnt worry anyway..... because he has no worries..... 'cause hes NW.... without worries...... yup, nope.
I'm just amazed at how long this thread stayed on topic...until this of course. It's all good though. I don't give a ****.
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