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SV riders-

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Who rides a 120/70/17 front tire on their Sv? I know track guys with one have to if they want decent rubber, so does it change much or can you tweak a few things to make up for it?
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Guideon72 said:
I can't really answer that one for ya, JK...but you should swing over to and ask around there. You're likely to get at least a few useful hits there.
:iagree: that's where I sold 85% of my sv parts! I always ran the 120/60/17.
I understand where you are trying to get at JK. I know when I had the metzler front tire the freakin curve on the tire just dropped off flat which cause me to have hardly any curve to ride on in a tight turn. That all changed when I went with the Pirelli Diablo I had a nice smooth rounded edge to ride on in a tight turn.
I'm not so sure a 70 series would fix the problem! The tire will flex a little more, but I think it all depends on the way the curve of the tire is shaped.
jeeps84 said:
The brand has allot to do with it. Some have a round profile while others have a sharp profile.
:withstupi that's what I was getting at earlier in the thread.
True. Metz's are more round and Mich's are more pointy
my metz was a POS!!!!
I went to a 120/70 for the first time 2 weeks ago. It took me a whole day of riding at the gap to get use to it. I like the 120/70 a lot more over the 120/60. I can really manover the bike a lot faster and get down a lot lower with the 120/70.
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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