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Board recommends Janklow regain law license ... :cursin:

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — The State Bar's Disciplinary Board has recommended that former South Dakota Gov. and U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow should regain his license to practice law next February.

If the state Supreme Court accepts that recommendation, it would mean Janklow would be reinstated to practice law about a year before his probation ends for second-degree manslaughter and other convictions related to an August 2003 crash that killed a motorcycle driver from Minnesota.

The state's highest court will have the final say on when Janklow can resume the practice of law, but it has not yet set a hearing date in the case.

Janklow's law license was automatically suspended after he was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for killing Randy Scott, 55, of Hardwick, Minn. Scott's motorcycle collided with a car Janklow was driving near Trent.

Janklow also was convicted of speeding, running a stop sign and reckless driving.

A circuit judge gave Janklow a suspended imposition of sentence, which means the manslaughter conviction will be erased if he complies with all terms of his three-year probation. He also served 100 days in jail................ :wtf:

Janklow is seeking to have his law license reinstated.

The Disciplinary Board said Janklow is remorseful for the fatal crash and would not present a danger to clients if he resumed practicing law.

:skep: ... :puke: ... :flush:

"Respondent's convictions do not reflect adversely on his fitness to practice law, his honesty, or trustworthiness,'' the Disciplinary Board wrote in its recommendations to the Supreme Court.

The five members of the high court have disqualified themselves from hearing the case due to their relationships with the former governor, and five circuit judges have been appointed to serve as substitute justices in Janklow's case.

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bumblebee [B said:
The Disciplinary Board said Janklow is remorseful for the fatal crash and would not present a danger to clients if he resumed practicing law.[/B]

What a bunch of *****. If it wan any other person, it would be alot worse for them. Love the system. :nonod:

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That's just Unf'nbelievable, this f wad kills a guy on a bike gets away with it, and to make matters, is going to be able to practice law again...... :yikes:

NO wonder they say lawyers are the biggest criminals.... :cursin:

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That loser should be taking the long arm of the law right up his ass while sitting in JAIL, not being able to practice it EVER again.... but no, he's one of the good 'ol boys.. so of course he will have his love-pat-on-the-wrist sentence reduced even further, along with letting him practice law again. BS BS BS BS BS
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