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Need4Speed750 said:
I know..but hey, I need a jacket first right!! oh god, here we go :rolleyes:

so whats the best tank bag ?
It really depends on your needs. My Aprilia has a plastic tank, so a magnetic bag won't work. I had a nice Cargo bag that I used on my RC51 that was very nice. My best friend has it now and is using it on his Duc.

The strap bag I have for my Aprilia is a Teknic double decker. It's cool, you can unzip either bag and zip it to the base, so it stacks in either direction. The large bag has backpack straps underneath so you can zip it off of the base and wear it. The Cargo had that same feature, but was an expandable bag rather than two bags that zip together.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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