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Targa tank cover

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I bought a targa tank cover off ebay but I don't see instructions on how to put it on. It is for a Honda F3 and is the velcro type. There is a black, rubber strap that is at the front of the tank cover going from on end to the other.

I do not know where that goes? It seems like it would go under the gas tank but I guess that would mean I would need to take off my tank to put it on?

If anyone has ever had one of these and knows how to put it on, I would appreciate your help.
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bumblebee said:
I bought a cheap one (30.00) from Dennis Kirk and took it apart and used it as a template to sew a better one. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and bought a thicker vinyl and better "shirt quality" flannel and made one myself. It fits better and is of higher quality than any I've seen...Maybe I should start takin' orders...?
Well aren't you just a little Martha Stewart!!! :lol: Hey, if it saves me the hassle of getting N4S one, I'll take one! :dthumb:
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