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Targa tank cover

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I bought a targa tank cover off ebay but I don't see instructions on how to put it on. It is for a Honda F3 and is the velcro type. There is a black, rubber strap that is at the front of the tank cover going from on end to the other.

I do not know where that goes? It seems like it would go under the gas tank but I guess that would mean I would need to take off my tank to put it on?

If anyone has ever had one of these and knows how to put it on, I would appreciate your help.
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I dont have tank cover..but this site might give u some insite on them.. Many tank covers do need to go under the gas tank though, becuz they are not generally something that you would take on and off very often. so once its on, people generally leave them on.
my kat is just the opposite..2 bolts holding down the rear, and the front is hinged..either way, its not hard at all to pull it up enough to put on the cover. u should be fine. :)
ShanMan14 said:
You sew? I'll take one. :)

Im hoping CJD is working on getting me one for xmas. Put up some pics of yours bee !!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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