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Team Pro-Motion Info.

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TPM requires that you take their ART (Advanced Rider Training) Basic school if you've never been on the track before. If you've done track days with other organizations in the past, you don't need to take the class, though it's still VERY valuable!

In ART Basic, you get 1 session of track time with ONLY other ART Basic students. For obvious reasons, it's a SLOW session, just helping you get over your "first track day fears." Trust me, the first time you get on the track you'll be scared ****less...

The rest of the sessions are run with the "white" group. That's the beginner group. They run 3 groups which rotate through sessions. White is beginner. Red is intermediate. Blue is advanced (mostly licensed racers).

While the red and blue groups are running their sessions, ART basic students will be in the classroom receiving riding education. You'll learn the theories of proper riding position, cornering, hanging off, braking, etc.. You get to go out and practice what you're learning about almost immediately in your next session. Instructors are out there with you watching you and will provide you with feedback after the session.

There are coaches out in EVERY session. They are ALL VERY willing to help you with whatever you want. They'll show you proper lines and motion to you to follow them through the corners if you're not riding good lines. They'll talk to you after the sessions and tell you what you're doing right, and what you need to work on.

Prices vary based on the track and whether it's a weekend track day or not. Most track days are $135 or $150. Now, here's the REALLY awesome thing about TPM which I LOVE. You can get what effectively amounts to FREE track days. They PAY you do work for them. If you work safety one day, you get a $100 credit. If you help them unload and load their trailer, you get $35 credit. You can do both in the same day. Truck (paddock) duty lasts about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 at the end of the day. Flagging in the corner is FUN. You can earn $135 credit for one day of work. What I did sometimes was work one day of the weekend and ride the next day for FREE... Can't beat that! Especially at tracks that allow camping...

TPM's session are 20 minutes a piece. You will get more sessions with them than any other organizer I know of. The second time I was at VIR with them this past season they ran 13, yes THIRTEEN sessions in the day for each group. That's UNHEARD of!!! Of course, it was a GREAT day with NO CRASHES. If you don't get enough track time it's because of a-hole riders, not TPM. Every attempt is made to deal with those idiots BEFORE they wreck, but sometimes....
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kanwisch said:
If only they did Putnam Park..... Well, Ohio is pretty close, so it'd be a little trip.
Tell me about it. I enjoy riding at PP, but it can get expensive after awhile. It would be nice to be able to work for your track day money. As far as wanting to learn more, PP does host several riding clinics that are similar to what TPM does, just check their website for dates etc. Also, I picked up a book called, "Total Control" by Lee Parks and it helped me a LOT. Very good reading for beginners, or those that just want to learn more about proper riding technique. You should be able to pick the book up at any large book store, or you can order it from Amazon. Here is the link:
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