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Team Yoshimura Suzuki Jacket for sale

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A friend of mine got the wrong size:

"I purchased this jacket online with the incorrect size described. I wear a 42US and this jacket is a 52US. The seller thought the jacket was a 52 Euro which is a 42US, but it was not. It is practically brand new. Only been test fitted. It has the aero hump in the rear, perforations in front for cooling and to zipper vents in the back to draw air out also, all the team sponsorship patches on it and the Mladin #1 in the hump. This jacket retails for over $500 new easily and is very hard to come by. Selling it for $300 and shipping if out of state.

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If I had a Suzuki I might be interested.. If you run across a Team Graves one like it I will buy it..
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