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:lol: My dad called me and said that one of his CD RW drives wasn't working, so I went and checked it out. Ended up having to call tech support.

Me: Hi, the CD-RW drive isn't working.
Her: How many CD drives do you have?
Me: 2
Her: Try the other one.
Me: Yeah, the other one works fine, but it's just a CD-ROM. I need the CD-RW to work.
Her: What do you want the drive to do?
Me (honestly what I said to her): Uh, I'd like it to work. You know, read and write to a CD-RW, which is what it is made for! :cursin:
Her: Well, what exactly are you trying to do?
Me (honestly): Uh, I'm trying to read a CD-RW so that I can save changes to a file, but it won't even read the disk.
Her: Have you tried saving the file to a different location?
Me (even more angry): OMG, what does that have to do with the CD-RW working? I need to save these files to a CD-RW, not the hard drive and not a floppy. A CD-RW. Do you understand that? The CD-RW is not working, which is why I'm calling you. The rest of the damn computer works. I need the CD-RW to work, do you understand????

After about 5 minutes of that, I finally got her to give me directions to fix the damn CD-RW. I was pissed. Then she had the nerve to ask me to fill out an online survey about her performance. :lol:

Oh, and one of my other favorite comments from tech support when the INTERNET CONNECTION is not working: In the future, please check online for any fixes. Hey dumbass, I can't GET online, that's why I'm f'n calling you on the phone.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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