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Ok, well what should the temps of the engine run about? My '05 R6 tends to be like 180-230, depending on what's going on. If I'm running down the highway, it'll be like 180-190, but if I'm sitting, it'll run up to like 215+.

I was told that unless the temp hits like 250+ don't worry. Is this true?
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Also, if you notice the bike getting real hot in a traffic jam or somin... don't think that turning it off will help. CAUSE IT WON'T! Just look at your temp gauge next time you get home and turn off the bike...the temp goes up...NOT DOWN! The best idea is to just leave it running as long as the fan is going and the temp light isn't on. You're ok! Beyond that...the bike in motion is always best... if you or the bike can't take it more...that's why god created sholders and lane splitting!
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