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Ok, well what should the temps of the engine run about? My '05 R6 tends to be like 180-230, depending on what's going on. If I'm running down the highway, it'll be like 180-190, but if I'm sitting, it'll run up to like 215+.

I was told that unless the temp hits like 250+ don't worry. Is this true?
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I had the same questions when I first started up my ninja. Because my radiator cap was bad for all that time and after I replaced it, I didnt know how hot the bike could get. I was told between 180-260 (i dont remember exactly so correct me if im wrong) is okay. Aabout 220, my fan came on and it stayed at 220. I asked a bike friend of mine and he says these temps are normal, espcially in our hot climates grafixx. :dthumb:
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