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Textile vs Leather

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I'm sick of the zipper breaking on my Joe Rocket Blaster.

My other jacket is a Joe Rocket Phoenix, which I like, but it's mesh. Unless there's something I don't know, that thing isn't going to protect much but my back, elbows, and shoulders in a wreck. As in, it seems that mesh would shred to pieces in a slide. . ?

So, I may be looking for a new jacket and was thinking about textile. What are the pros and cons of both?

Also, I'd like to have a jacket that I could eventually zip pants to b/c I can't stand my Alpine Stars suit.
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Sorry, my bad, I'm an idiot. :rofl:

Thanks mang. :dthumb:
Hmmmmm. . that's interesting.
Yeah, it looks like something Trent Reznor wore on stage around 1989. lol

I'm just gonna send my Joe Rocket leather jacket back if I can and have them fix the zipper.

I got an Icon textile today, the JR Phoenix is worthless.
For the first time ever I agree with Jetski. I have two Joe Rocket jackets, a Blaster and a Phoenix. The blaster's zipper is screwed, so I'm gonna get that fixed. JR does make some GP grade suits, in fact I think Rossi wears one. I just haven't had good luck with their stuff.

The highest grade suits are made of kangaroo, though. $$$$$$$$$$
I imagine you've been down once or twice, what suit are you wearing?
Are you ordering them online? I've gotten a lot of stuff from NewEnough in the past. .
Hmmmm. . I guess that would work. lol :cheers:
What roo suits do you recommend? It seems to me that online sizing charts are bs for the most part. . some of them take into account that you'll be wearing a back protector and some don't. Am I missing something?
1 - 9 of 20 Posts
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