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Thanks Guys and FYI

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Well guys I just wanted to thank you all for your help, I did sell my four wheeler, and ZX10R in Nov of last year. I also just purchased a 2006 LTD Busa, I just love the color combo of the LTD. Also incase anyone is interested I have a huge selection of football, baseball, and basketball autographed jerseys, bats, baseballs, footballs, and even a Tiger Woods signed golf ball. All of these will come with a COA, or certificate if authenticity. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]. I will take pictures of w/e you want and send them to you in email form. Thanks Kevin

p.s I have several Steelers, and Redskins auto's :cheers:
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Captain Morgan, all very valid questions. I recently saw a special on HBO, Bryant Gumbal Real Sports. A large portion was about fake signed sports memrobillia. Even with COA's majority of the stuff you see on eBay etc is fake. Often fraud rings have connections with artists who can nearly exact match celebrities autographs and then forensic investigators who will analyze the autographs and to the best of their ability "claim" they are certified real. Its disgusting how much fake good there is especially on eBay.
I collect alot of golf memrobillia and was looking for a T. Woods autograph ball. However known fact is he rarely autographs balls. Basically after seeing this show I decided unless I obtain the autograph myself its probabyl not worth risking and paying for a fake item. Try and catch the special on HBO if you can. Its crazy the hundreds of millions of dollars in fakes out there.
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