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Thanks Need4Speed750

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Hey man, havent seen u online for awhile, but i figured id say thanks. I FINALLY got my Two Wheel Tuner mag for the first time the other day. You sent me a link to sign up for the drawing, and i got it. Thanks man.
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ShanMan14 said:
Moderator hiatus :wink:
Not quite, i had school and work and my gf to deal with. BUT, now i have a baddd case of pneumonia and like a 103.4fever. SO i got nothin better to do but sit on the net all day and do NOTHING. This **** sucks. DR says i cant leave the house for a few days, nor have anyone except the peeps that live in my house come near me. This should be funnnnn. I got at LEAST 3 more days before i can even leave my hosue. I cant even work on my bike or my truck. THIS SUCKS AHHHHHH :bash: :bthorse: :cursin: :rant:
Thanks guys, im a little better now. But i know that wit an illness like this, you might feel better, go out and be active again, and it will relapse and knock you on your ass.

BUT at least i got time to research parts for my 77 Chevy Pickup build. Just a little 383 stroker wit some fun parts.

And i am researchin stuff for the bike, and realizing i have no $. Got too many toys.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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