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That horrifying "clicking" noise

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I have just noticed that when my bike has a cold start (either when it sits for a day or two, or when I start her at night), that if I give it a few revs, I hear a very faint cicking that is syncronized with the engine RPM (hope that makes sense). This occurs in the 3,000-6,000 RPM range (thats at least when I hear it). After the bike is all warmed up to about 150+ degrees, I rev it up and the clicking noise seems to go away. I rode it a few days ago with a 48 hour "rest" in between rides, and noticed it then. Also noticed it tonight when it was sitting at the little ladies house all night after I rode it today. I had to actually use the choke for the first time, or the bike would crap out. Every stop sign on the way home I gave it a rev or two to see if it made the noise. Realisticly, I dont think it was. But by then my mind started playing tricks on me. When I got home and rode in the complex parking lot, I cruised in at 3-6k RPM range and heard nothing. I have never before heard this noise, until I have had a few true cold starts. Is this something I should be worried about? :help:
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twisty said:
Welcome to the wonderful world of CCT. My gixxer has started making the same sound and was/will be fixed with manual one for APE. It is simple to install and makes everything feel all nice and tight in the motor.
I think Twisty is right on... if it was valves you would think you would hear it all the time at all RPM' onward to CCT... :rant: :nonod:
twisty said:
Its somthing you should take care off soon. A loose chain can do all sorts of negitive sh!t. Huh Bee?

Bee it might have took a while to fix but aleast you know its done right.
I agree Twisty. But 3 hours isn't "a while" in my book. That's a good amount of wrench time with a good payoff of accomplishment in the end.

And Bee... I would have not stopped complaigning about that dealer till the manager had the best looking female worker giving me some "Secret Service"!!!!
digital pics will help too...

But whenever I start a project like that I start in the morning or lunch time and make sure I have nothing else planned for the day... that's best...take your time and do it right! Plus don't forget your muffin pan...

As funny as it may be it works great!
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Yeah Snade...but I think you can tell by everybody here's expierence... you don't want the crap OE stuff... get the manual ones... better for the longer life of the bike...
:yikes: Snad.... by next week the Kaw is going to be feeling good!

New pipe and new CCT!!


And NW...great link!!
bumblebee said:
And remember to Cover your intakes with towel or cloth so little monsters don't get down into your cylinders!!
That who sentance is a great idea when ever you are going to expose them! But I love the term little monsters!!
I think it much like at my work. If you don't know you are ok and don't have to do anything about it. Once you know you're screwed and must fix it and adjust your daily activities to ensure no further damage.
jeeps84 said:
Iv heard of batteries and charging system felling. Thos creating the same thing. It very uncommon for the spark unit or computer to go bad.
:iagree: :withstupi
So you got the manual CCT to work for ya? How did you get by the clearance problem?
Ya that doesn't make much sense...but ok... glad you got it to work!
Ya no biggie!
CM... I think you may be onto something... I have always heard that resonance when riding with larger groups. You don't hear it all the time but sometimes it will sound like 2 bikes are "humming" together...
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