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That horrifying "clicking" noise

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I have just noticed that when my bike has a cold start (either when it sits for a day or two, or when I start her at night), that if I give it a few revs, I hear a very faint cicking that is syncronized with the engine RPM (hope that makes sense). This occurs in the 3,000-6,000 RPM range (thats at least when I hear it). After the bike is all warmed up to about 150+ degrees, I rev it up and the clicking noise seems to go away. I rode it a few days ago with a 48 hour "rest" in between rides, and noticed it then. Also noticed it tonight when it was sitting at the little ladies house all night after I rode it today. I had to actually use the choke for the first time, or the bike would crap out. Every stop sign on the way home I gave it a rev or two to see if it made the noise. Realisticly, I dont think it was. But by then my mind started playing tricks on me. When I got home and rode in the complex parking lot, I cruised in at 3-6k RPM range and heard nothing. I have never before heard this noise, until I have had a few true cold starts. Is this something I should be worried about? :help:
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My valves have been tickin like mad since day one. I guess that's common for the 04 R6's.
bumblebee said:
After my 3rd Honda CCT went out...I went with a manual...It was not a simple install on my bike...I had to remove the throttle bodies to get to the da:cens:mn thing and had to remove the cover over the cam to see the tensioner touch the chain before I could set the initial tension...It HAS made my bike more quiet than any time since it was new!! From start (removing fairings) to finish, (replacing fairings and test ride) it took about 3 hours. I did notice those punks at the dealership didn't tighten the clips on the throttle bodies on the brake pedal side because they didn't get the bodies all the way caused carbon buildup on the top side of the valves because of lack of vacuum. I know the throttle bodies are tough to get back on, but c'mon...if the clips won't tighten, that shoulda told them something... :skep:
I would have punched the dealership in the face for that ****!
I'd answer the calls, maybe they want to give you ****. That's ****ed up about your tire though.
snadamo said:
man you guys are impaitent!!! :lol:

Okay so I just got home. The vibrating I was talking about at 9k, not as bad as I thought originally, and the legs get tingly but barely. My mind must have been more concentrated on the road, and that just startled me. This only occurs at 9k. You go over, its stops. I guess its that certain RPM that sets off something. Usually the bike vibrates a little when you get around that RPM range a little, (is that normal?) So I really dont know whats up with that.
Mines doing the same thing. Mine vibtates my right peg at around 6K RPM's. So is this bad or what? It's not something it use to do when I bought it either.
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