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That time of year

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Well, it had to be done this morning. Hung up the summer mesh and got out the leather jacket :cry: . I'm still gonna have to figure out something to do about my hands come colder weather cause I until it starts snowing, I'm gonna keep on riding.

What does everyone here use to keep there hands warm? Heated grips or gloves? Hippo Hands? Bar mounted hand guards?

What does everyone use to keep there shield from foggin? I have a nose guard insert but just curious.

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Hippo hands. Do they still make those?
I think you were on the right track with shrink tubing between the heater and the bars. Or maybe even the safety reflector tap that you can get form the auto parts and truck stops. The red/silver, yellow/orange stickers you see on the back of trailers and such. It might be just enough to direct the heat to the right direction. Thin too.
They actually look better than I thought they would. :dthumb:
They must not be to hard to install and remove. I couldn't really tell from the pics. they almost look like they are mounted to the fairing.
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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