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the 1st R1 to win a WSB race ( artwork )

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here is my latest work, the 1st Yamaha R1 (finally ) to win a race in world superbikes, and of course its Nitro Nori Haga! finally we see some yamaha action from him we havent seen since his Yamaha R7 days when he was supposed to be the world champion in WSB. ( I like Colin, but Nori was the real champion ).

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Once again stunning! :cheers:

We really should have a new artwork section or something like that in TWF. That would be neat!
The Saint said:
Nitro Nori is my favorite rider in WSB. Easily the most entertaining guy to watch...
:iagree: too bad he couldnt pull it off in Race 1 this weekend, I didnt get to watch the 2nd one, you know becuase NASCAR HAD to be on...Lame :disapp:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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