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3 Bears Terrorize Central Fla. Day Care

Daytona Beach, Florida

Children at a day care in Volusia County, Fla., have been forced to skip playtime and other outside activities because of three large black bears spotted several times on the property, according to Local 6 News.

A day-care worker at Teresa's Daycare in Volusia County snapped photographs of a 250-pound bear rummaging through trash outside the day care.

Another worker said he recently spotted female bears and one mature male bear in the area as parents were dropping their children off at the facility.

"The parents are dropping off the children and didn't even really realize that there they were even there, Walter Monroe said. "They were just dropping off their children."

Monroe said the bears are not afraid of humans.

"They're very comfortable, but do not show an aggression," Monroe said. "If you blow your horn or bang on something, they run 20 or 30 feet and stop."

A trap was set over the weekend filled with Doritos and spoiled meat in hopes of catching at least one of the black bears.

If the bears are captured, they will be relocated to the Ocala National Forest.

Playtime for children will remain canceled until wildlife agents catch the bears.
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