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The American Sportbike

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This looks a bit like Duc but hell...its American. :dthumb:

See site here
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its got a chromeoly frame... how much would it cost for one for our bikes to cut that 25+ lbs... id say over 5K$ to custom make it so buy time u get that and the CF bodywork ours would cost dman near as much, just have more power... and to make a Duc with the same u'd spend more.... so if i could afford the bike id do it aand then build the motor... much easier then everything but the motor. Plus the gas under engine.. i bet it handles like a dream. Give me the ability to buy it and id take on in a Sec... youd never see another one around the streets or track anytime soon.

that depends who u ask, but run a drag strip and 4cyls will own the twin almost always... however get to the track and thats arguable.. Ducati's racebike is 220HP and faster then hell. they do well in racing.

Better is a objective word.... Different is a factual statement.. a Twin is much different then a 4 cyl to have to ride both to know what its like to compare em. I have a 4 cyl 1000CC bike and my 500CC Twin is still a blast to get on, its really light and the feeling is refreshing once in a while, no 4 cyl will put power at the wheel right off the clutch like a twin... Even my 500 twin will launch harder then the 1000...mostly out of fear of goign to hard on my 4 and gettign on my @$$...but the initial power on the drop of the clutch is what makes me love a twin.. i'll always love em... someday ill own a bike like a Aprilia or a TL1000.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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