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Which one is best in your eyes??

The best motorcycle ever built??

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To your opinion, what is the best motorcycle ever built. Why did you choose this. What were the pros and the cons??
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Need4Speed750 said:
I chose honda..being a lifelong honda guy, right up until my Kat that is. and I probably still am one deep down in side somewhere...

Honda has made some of the toughest, reliable, comfortable and best performance bikes on the market. They set the tone with the original CBR 600 , the goldwing is still the luxury standard of today, and valkeryie broke the mold for super cruisers. They may not always be quite the fastest bikes, right outta the crate...but still overall..u just cant beat big red as a whole.. IMHO
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While I'm still a n00b when it comes to bikes and don't know quite as much technical info and history about all different kinds of bikes, I've just always been a Honda nut all around. Cars, for example, I really wouldn't buy anything else cuz I've had such good luck with Honda. Of the 4 Accords currently in my family, my '89 has 362k miles, an '87 with 312k, a '94 with 193k, and another '89 with a mere 160k. All have been incredibly reliable (even the '87 still has the original auto trans... still shifts perfect!) and virtually trouble free... never once left me or anyone stranded or broken down...ever. Since I do believe in loyalty when somebody/something treats me right, I prefer to help them out in return by continuing to buy more of their products. That being said, when it came time for bike shopping, my choice was clear... straight to the Honda dealer. I had always loved the lines of the CBR's anyways, but I'm still a bit bias, LOL

So back to the original question... I gotta say Honda because they just build excellent quality, effecient, and innovative products that perform well in virtually every aspect, and for a price that doesn't kill you. And the Goldwing is definitely one of the nicest touring bikes out there, IMO. Guess there is a reason Honda is the worlds leading motorcycle manufacturer, holding more than 50% of the world market, and outsells all of it's motorcycle competition combined (that is indeed a fact). Don't get me wrong though I'm not at all saying any other manufacturers are inferior, cuz that's definitely not true. Just my personal preference :dthumb:

p.s. - if anyone cares about Hondas history, it's really quite fascinating how in only 50 years or so they went from what they started with to what they are now... they grew so much incredibly fast. Read the book "Honda: an american success story - revolutionizing the art of management" by Robert L. Shook.... good book with tons of info and an entire history of how they got started up until now, cars and bikes included. Quite an interesting read
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