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Can you believe this crap? I just use my $50 leaf blower. So what if its not warm air. :crazy:

J&P Cycles® 'Air Force' Professional Dryer Kit (AS SEEN ON T.V.)
Special Kit Inludes:
• Air blaster,
• 25 ft cord,
• 6 attachments,
• wall mounting bracket and hardware
• package of 3 replacement filters.


$275.00 VALUE! ONLY $229.99

THE BLASTER is the most powerful bike dryer available!
• Rugged all steel construction.
• 4.0 peak HP twin fan (double ball bearing) motor.
• Cuts drying time by 75%.
• Blows warm dry filtered air and prevents rust
• Eliminates towel drying, and water spots and streaking
• Safer and more effective than compressed air or leaf blowers.
• Attachments easily direct air flow to inaccessible areas of the bike.
• Compact, lightweight and portable (less than 8 pounds).
• 1 year warranty

In addition, THE BLASTER can be used to:
• Dry cars, trucks, SUV's, HOT RODS and other vehicles.
• Inflate rubber rafts, pool toys, even blow out lines from pools.
• Clear garage floors, decks, patios and work benches of debris

The Metro Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer was specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry, filtered warm air (about 20-25 degrees above ambient temperature). The Metro Air Force Blaster will cut cleaning time by 80%! The Air Force Blaster is the quickest and most efficient method to dry motorcycles thoroughly and eliminates water spots. Five to seven minutes is all it takes to quickly and effectively dry motorcycles.

The Blaster is the hottest new motorcycle care product to come out in decades and completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes.

Air Compressors and Leaf blowers do not filter the air, any residue or oil will blow onto your bike, possibly scratching the surface. AIR FORCE BLASTER® air is filtered clean, protecting your bike from scratches!

AIR FORCE BLASTER® produces a high velocity of warm air with correct pressure and flow for your bike. Air pressure from compressors or leaf blowers is too great, may loosen decals or loose chrome.

Leaf Blowers can be large and cumbersome, with no special tools for hard to reach places. The AIR FORCE BLASTER® is less than 8lbs and completely portable. It will fit into most saddle bags and comes with a host of attachments for hard to reach places.

Hit The Road Faster... With the Blaster!!

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I'm with Twisty on this and have seen many do what Jeeps says. But that looks like a small vacuum just with the hose on the discharge instead of the suction side!

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Bottom line behind those is that Hot air does a far better job of drying things off than cool air rom a blower would. Also on vehicles it dries faster and prevents water spots. They still are a bit over priced considering only different is something to heat the air.

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twisty said:
My air compressor works just fine.
I'm with you on that one Twisty. Except I have leaks that I haven't taken time to fix, so I turn the compressor off when not in use. The blower is just quicker for me.
278 Posts blow dyer works just fine...and at least if it goes out, I'm not spending 300.00 to replace it!!!! Walmart here I come :dthumb: :lol:
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