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The Brothers Grimm quickie review

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I also frequent a gaming board, I also during the summer time often find myself with tickets to advance previews of movie, which I turn around & give very quickie reviews. I thought I'd post one here, for anyone interested.

Once again, it's time for a JayMax quickie advance review, this time for Brothers Grimm that comes out tonight. As usual, laziness & fatigue means it will be a few sentence review that is spoiler free...

Brothers Grimm is a lot of fun, it's a re-telling/re-invention of what leads to the stories by the Brothers Grimm. It has the now obligatory movie traumatic/dramatic movie beginning that sets our 'heroes' on their present life course, until the movie begins & major life turning event occurs. Which is kind of a strange thing for a Terry Gilliam movie, it isn't as imaginative as I remember other Gilliam movies. Instead the imagination is in the great special effects that have trees moving, ginger bread men abducting, horses stealing, and loads a bugs.

There's a subtle undertext about the 'disappearance' or suppression of one culture by another invading one. I'll let you read what you want into that, it never distracts from the film, but gives you something to think about during the course of the movie.

Matt Damon is a riot, back to form like he was in Dogma, obviously having a good time with his role. Heath Ledger plays the eventual hero well enough, it gives him a different looking role. Monica Bellucci with what she's given is fun, the other actress who has more of a role carries herself very well. Sorry I don't remember her name

Out of the group of people I went with the ratings out 5 stars went from 2.5 to my 4 stars. Go into it expecting a good popcorn movie that should have come out in the summer, and not the usual Gilliam stretches of imagination, but well enough and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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