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The Elusive 300 Game

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Damnit. I go to bowling tonight after 2 weeks off. In practice I am rusty as hell. So I come out first game with the first four. Then I throw the fifth and as it left my hand I thought man that was "the" perfect ball and it rattles the 4 pin, almost knocks it over and it is left standing. I feel either too much ball or bad rack or both. So I strike out after that - 279. Damnit. I want that fifth frame back. Next time I am re-racking the fifth frame just for piece of mind. After all that my team takes the first game by only 14 points! (against the 1st place team). So I am thinking 700 series right? Wrong. 184 and 182 second and third games. 645. Damnit again. I would have settled for a 700 series and skipped the 300 for now. It is amazing to drop almost 100 pins the second two games. How does that happen? I adjusted and did everything right. The second game I had one open but just no string of strikes - not a bad game but just not anything special except alot of spares and a couple strikes (and a church in the middle). Good thing about bowling there is 36 weeks so there is always next week. The good thing was the 279 was my new high game after being stuck on 277 forever (about 15 games of 277).
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Damn that really blows MP!!!!! It's always the four pin or one of the corner pins. :rant: :cursin:

Congrats on the high game though!!! I've been stuck on a 267 for FIVE YEARS!!!! LOL I was 8 months pregnant when I shot my 267. Closest I've ever come. My hubby, on the other hand is stuck on a 289. He threw the second ball in tenth, BURIED the F*er (Beautiful ball) ended up being a pocket seven-ten. I felt so bad. He stood on the approach for a good 2 minutes and was just flabberghasted. *Sighs*

I subbed on a league last Friday and I couldn't adjust to the lanes worth a damn. First game was a 153. My second game I shot a $hit house.(that's a 111 for those of you who aren't up on your bowling lingo...LOL) The third was a 201. Go fig. :eyeroll: I got pi$$ed and just threw it my third game and ended up wiith a good score. :smash:

Maybe this is a sign that you're due for your 300 and 700. Good luck!!!!!!!!! :dthumb: :hug:
Need4Speed750 said:
Dude, 277 holy geez!!! Im not sure I've bowled that much total in my life, combined!!!!
LMAO....Guess what?!?!?!

I was out on the Brunswick site last night looking for a new ball....and they have these balls called Viz-a balls. THEY HAVE A KISS BALL!!!! :willy: :willy: I couldn't even believe it!!!! Thought of ya!
Here ya go Matt!!! LOL
Need4Speed750 said:
Hell yeah, 300 game here I come..Just gimme rocknroll all nite from the dj, and I'll bowl a perfect game every time with these balls! :willy:
LOL I knew you would like it! They are brand new for '05. Apparently they're one of the hottest viz-a balls right now. :dthumb:
Those scores are still pretty good, though. I mean, I think they're good. And after the last 2 weeks, my average went down. Was at a 173, down to a 170.

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow night. I bowl on a Thursday night mixed league and just took over for a friend on Friday night. I'm starting out with a new ball tomorrow night so we'll see what happens. My hubby got me the Brunswick Nemesis. I threw practice shots last night and did well. So hopefully I can get my average up again. Not to mention I don't like the girl who took mover my spot for Women's high average...LOL

Are your lane conditions oily? Medium to dry?!?!
double2000r6 said:
We are the 3rd league and last league of the night so they are usually pretty dry which sucks for me - I like LOTS of oil - I like to see the shark fin of oil on the ball as it rips down the lane.. But I just adjust my ball speed and angle and of course I use polish instead of clean and dull.. I did use clean and dull last night because 1 league didn't bowl and the 2nd league only had half the people so there was some oil.. I should have stuck with Black Magic or Track Magic (polish).. My old league at Merribowl had TONS of oil.. That is where I bowled my 722.. Also that is when I bowled 4 leagues.. I cut it back to 1 due to money and time - it was like a part time job except I didn't get paid for it - well except for jackpot money that I used to buy new balls..

I think this should now become the neverending bowling thread.. Let me know how you do on Thursday.. Good luck with the new ball..
Yeah, I feel ya there. We are the 2nd league to bowl on our lanes. And by the time we get on them, they usually start to break down, line wise. Last night the lanes were really good. They had just enough oil, and the new ball plowed through the pocket. I shot a 602. FIRST six series in a LONG time. First game I had 209, second was a 222 and the third game was a 171. I was having trouble adjusting my feet position though. DUH it's a new ball I should have expected that. But most of my stikes for the 1st game were on the lefty side. Which was really pi$$ing me off because no matter how much I moved it still came in on the left. The second game I moved further left and it just crushed the pocket. And the third game... :cursin: All I had were splits! First frame was a pocket seven/ten. fourth frame I nose dived it and ended up with the 4,6,7,10 (The big four) and then there were a few frames I had the baby split (3,10) And it was only on lane 29. I got so pi$$ed that I just started throwing my old ball...LOL... ALL in all I had a pretty good night. Just got to get my footing down. Any suggestions?
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double2000r6 said:
Ok so now it is getting to be a curse that damn 279 game... Since that game (8 straight games) no 200 game! DOH! I wish I had never bowled it and just bowled some menial 230 games instead - last night was 182, 187 & 199. Second game I throw a 4 bagger to start and end up with 3 splits and 2 strikes to finish at 187! Then 3rd game I go into the 10th on a double and think for sure I have a 200 game - nope - get a split and I pick it up for a 199! I'm going to have to pull the tin cup and put the change in the other pocket next week.. At least we took 7 points though to start the second half.. We changed our team name like we did last year for the second half - got us first place last year so it is worth a try...
Damn, MP. :hug: Sounds like you had a rough night. I'm sure you'll pick it back up. We all have our off weeks. See the splits piss me off to no end. And I watch some of the people I bowl with, and it really burns my a$$ when they throw the exact same shot as I did and end up with a $hitty strike. Meanwhile, I get F*ed. :cursin:

I bowl tomorrow and Friday. :eyeroll: So we'll see what happens.

Try not to get too pissed about your bowling, hon. They salways say the more pissed off you get, the worse you'll do. And I'm VERY guilty of that. :lol:
Well so much for my 600 series. *Sighs* I was four pins off. I had a 202, 195, 184 for a series of 581. I'm not upset though. I got my average. I was getting pissed because I kept leaving ten pins. It'd be a nice pocket shot, then BAM! Ten pin. BUT I've got another fun filled night of bowling Friday, so we'll see what happens then. :)

Let me know how you do on your next night of bowling. :)
LMAO...I don't think that would go over too well with the hubby. "Oh Honey, btw, we're moving so I can go bowl on MP's team cuz his other female team mates SUCK!" He'd look at me, laugh and say. "Yeeeeeeah Right."

Well I'm used to bowling on the lower lanes and tonight I'm on the upper lanes. *groans* So I'm gonna have to try and adjust. Which SUCKS complete arse, because adjusting is one of my downfalls. :rant: Not to mention, the prick who is always on my case when I do horrible. He tells me to, "Get my head out of my arse, and start bowling." He can't bowl worth $hit, but yet he tells ME how to bowl. :wtf:

But yeah when I come home tonight I'll update again. :)

Probably a dumb question, but do you just bowl on Tuesday's? I think you said something about ait, but I'm just too lazy to scroll...LOL
3BoyzNaBike said:
See then I would have to turn around and tell him " Shut your frigging mouth or your gonna feel my bowling ball up your *bleep*ing azzzz" :thumbs:
oh hell....I've told him off numerous times, yet he persists on being an arsehole. He shuts up for a while, but then he starts all over again. I was doing a friend a favor by taking over the arsehole's wife postion because she broke her foot. Needless to say I WON'T be back next year.
Ohhh GOD! :disapp: Friday night was a disaster!!!!! I shot a 161, 143 and a 189!!!! Probably why I didn't update. I really should throw that score sheet away...LOL

I could not hit or carry anything. By the end of the night I was throwing my spare ball. Just throwing the damn thing down the lane. I did better doing that, than my normal approach.

BUT tomorrow is another bowling night as well as Friday. *Sighs* So I guess we'll see what happens.

Anyhoo... Your scores weren't THAT bad, MP. I mean, from my stand point...LOL I'm a girl so it's different.
Ewww!!! Well I had a so-so night last night. *Sighs* Everyone did crappy last night, though so I didn't feel so bad. We have this game that we call brackets and pay 5 dollars to compete. We draw a number and whoever matches your number, that is is the particular person we bowl. I usually get in just to contribute...LOL Anyhoo, my first game was a 166 and of COURSE I pick my arrogant team mate. :rant: He need to punch out to beat me. MFR bowling a 168. :cursin: And he carries a 220 average. So me being eliminated, I was glad to see my hubby made it to the next round with a 243. YAY! Ahem, so I get up to bowl my second game and I don't know WTF happened. I bowled an F*in 144. So I'm like, GREAT repeat of what happened on Friday. :loser: :cursin: I moved three board to the left and S.O.B I bowl a 201. And my strikes looked like F*in train wrecks. Some went Jersey (On the left side) some hit light, and some hit high. tenth frame I get up there and threw a pocket 7/10. Best F*IN ball I threw ALL night it I leave the 7/10. Needless to say the pins got the double F U!!! LOL...I've got tonight yet. *Sighs* So we'll see what I can do. Promise I'll update when I get home this time. :hug:
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I DID IT MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I beat my all time high game AND my all time high series!!!!!!! My first game was a 166 and I thought I was gonna have terrible night. But then my second game I bowled a 268. (Beat my 267 after 5 and half years) ANd my third game was a 222 for a high series of 656. FOUR pins over my 652!!!! OMG I was so happy I cried!!! You seriously would have thought I bowled a three. I even took pics of the games with my camera phone. I'll upload them in a bit! I just got in the door 2 second... okay like 2 minutes ago!! LOL
Here are the pics I took with my camera phone!! LMAO I'm such a cheese ball!!
:cheers: Thanks DJ!!!!! I'm still all kinds of excited about it. Even though it was beat by ONE pin for my high game and 4 pins for my high series. I'm hoping some of this luck will roll on for me on Thursday night! THAT'S where I shine. BUT I may have to wait another 5 years jst to do that...LOL
Thursday night update...

Well last night was good bowling again. I had a 172, 191 and a 235 and a series of 598. The lane conditions were a lot different than last Friday nights shot. I'm hoping I can keep up the streak. And after a few months of a horrible slump, it seems there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Ewww!! Sorry for the cliche. Hopefully I'll do well tonight. I'll update either way!!

Haven't seen ya around, MP. Hope all is well. :)
Hey MP!!!!! Not bad! At least you got a six series. Last week was just a disaster and I never want to talk about it again. I didn't even break a 5 series...LOL (mother f*ing SPLITS!!! I got tired of seeing S on that f*in screen...LOL)

But I'm hoping to give you a good report this thursday and friday! ;)
Well...I didn't have too bad a night tonight. I had a 172, 184 and a 202 for a 558 series. They put a new shot down for the Women's state tourney coming up up. So the oil pattern is, oil through the middle and the sides dryer than a mofo. :rant: A lot of my strikes were Brooklyn but hey, they all FALL DOWN! :lol: I did what you told me..."roll" the ball. :dthumb:

I'm hoping I do descent tomorrow night (Friday night) So prepare for another update. :)
Did great on Friday night. Shot a 217, 177 and a 194 for a series of 588. Remember how I was telling you about that a$$hole who THINKS he can bowl??? Well I was trying to get my tape out of my thumb hole and I accidently pushed it down to where I couldn't reach it, so I asked him if he had anything that would be able to grip the tape good enough to pull it out. :rant: He digs his CAR KEYS out and jams them down in my thumb hole, then says, "Oops I think I just made it worse." :wtf: IN the meantime practice has already started and I had to run down to the pro shop and get Gene to get it out. I WAS PISSED! GRRRRR!!! Just another MFer who thinks he knows everything.

But all in all I had a good night...LOL
I really hope so. Three years ago, I averaged a 183 and kept it for a full year. But after I had my daughter, my scores plummeted and I could throw anything worth a damn. So hopefully, this is good start to where I was at before.

See I usually only bowl in one league in the summer and one league in the winter. But I took over for the A$$hole's wife because she broke her foot. So I thought I would be nice and do them a favor. Ohhh I'm SOOOO kicking myself in the a$$ too. I LOVE bowling, I just can't stand him...LOL

Good luck on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! :dthumb: Looking for you next update. :)
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