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The Elusive 300 Game

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Damnit. I go to bowling tonight after 2 weeks off. In practice I am rusty as hell. So I come out first game with the first four. Then I throw the fifth and as it left my hand I thought man that was "the" perfect ball and it rattles the 4 pin, almost knocks it over and it is left standing. I feel either too much ball or bad rack or both. So I strike out after that - 279. Damnit. I want that fifth frame back. Next time I am re-racking the fifth frame just for piece of mind. After all that my team takes the first game by only 14 points! (against the 1st place team). So I am thinking 700 series right? Wrong. 184 and 182 second and third games. 645. Damnit again. I would have settled for a 700 series and skipped the 300 for now. It is amazing to drop almost 100 pins the second two games. How does that happen? I adjusted and did everything right. The second game I had one open but just no string of strikes - not a bad game but just not anything special except alot of spares and a couple strikes (and a church in the middle). Good thing about bowling there is 36 weeks so there is always next week. The good thing was the 279 was my new high game after being stuck on 277 forever (about 15 games of 277).
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Geesh I am happy when I can bowl anything in the triple digits! :rofl:

Nice KISS balls! (ha ha that sounded perv) :D Looks like Matt will be asking Santa for a late present!
CharlieMavCBR said:
Not to mention, the prick who is always on my case when I do horrible. He tells me to, "Get my head out of my arse, and start bowling." He can't bowl worth $hit, but yet he tells ME how to bowl. :wtf:
See then I would have to turn around and tell him " Shut your frigging mouth or your gonna feel my bowling ball up your *bleep*ing azzzz" :thumbs:
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