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The Elusive 300 Game

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Damnit. I go to bowling tonight after 2 weeks off. In practice I am rusty as hell. So I come out first game with the first four. Then I throw the fifth and as it left my hand I thought man that was "the" perfect ball and it rattles the 4 pin, almost knocks it over and it is left standing. I feel either too much ball or bad rack or both. So I strike out after that - 279. Damnit. I want that fifth frame back. Next time I am re-racking the fifth frame just for piece of mind. After all that my team takes the first game by only 14 points! (against the 1st place team). So I am thinking 700 series right? Wrong. 184 and 182 second and third games. 645. Damnit again. I would have settled for a 700 series and skipped the 300 for now. It is amazing to drop almost 100 pins the second two games. How does that happen? I adjusted and did everything right. The second game I had one open but just no string of strikes - not a bad game but just not anything special except alot of spares and a couple strikes (and a church in the middle). Good thing about bowling there is 36 weeks so there is always next week. The good thing was the 279 was my new high game after being stuck on 277 forever (about 15 games of 277).
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chev said:
Damn Mud. You'll get there eventually. That's awesome though. You probably would have had that 700 but I'm sure that bad frame was on your mind the whole time.
Yeah that and the fact that in the middle of the second game when I was on a strike the damn lanes were broke down for 1/2 hour. Yeah they spent $400,000 on new score machines they didn't need and yes ZERO on the *****ing lanes.. I do have one 700 series - it was 722 back in 2000. I am not positive but I think I have 15 games of 277 - all identical - first 9, spare, strike, except one I think I threw 8, spare, 3 strikes.

Well I did bump my average up to 197 also so that is good. I am aiming to get over 200 this year.

As far as balls only one kind I throw - Columbia 300. I just picked up my latest addition for $171 drilled tax out the door, etc. But that Kiss ball would be a good spare ball anyways.
Tomorrow night is chapter 2.. I am going for the 3 tomorrow.. Week 17 is the lucky week.. I bowled a 654, then a 645 - tomorrow the 700 and 300 game she comes..
Update from 12/28/04 - No chance. 195-195-197. Damnit. I could have had the triplicate very easy - I had 178 in the 9th and all I needed was a spare 7 or strike 7. I threw the strike. Well we needed pins bad so instead of going for the triplicate I went for the strike and got tapped - 9 and left the 7 pin. So I miss the 7 pin and end up 197. Damnit. Oh well is it really a legit triplicate if you throw off on the last frame? First two games I didn't even try to get same score. I was just off last night - 4 bagger, open, spare, strike.. Just too inconsistent.. Next week the 300 she comes...

Anyone else on a league?
CharlieMavCBR said:
Those scores are still pretty good, though. I mean, I think they're good. And after the last 2 weeks, my average went down. Was at a 173, down to a 170.

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow night. I bowl on a Thursday night mixed league and just took over for a friend on Friday night. I'm starting out with a new ball tomorrow night so we'll see what happens. My hubby got me the Brunswick Nemesis. I threw practice shots last night and did well. So hopefully I can get my average up again. Not to mention I don't like the girl who took mover my spot for Women's high average...LOL

Are your lane conditions oily? Medium to dry?!?!
We are the 3rd league and last league of the night so they are usually pretty dry which sucks for me - I like LOTS of oil - I like to see the shark fin of oil on the ball as it rips down the lane.. But I just adjust my ball speed and angle and of course I use polish instead of clean and dull.. I did use clean and dull last night because 1 league didn't bowl and the 2nd league only had half the people so there was some oil.. I should have stuck with Black Magic or Track Magic (polish).. My old league at Merribowl had TONS of oil.. That is where I bowled my 722.. Also that is when I bowled 4 leagues.. I cut it back to 1 due to money and time - it was like a part time job except I didn't get paid for it - well except for jackpot money that I used to buy new balls..

I think this should now become the neverending bowling thread.. Let me know how you do on Thursday.. Good luck with the new ball..
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CharlieMavCBR said:
Yeah, I feel ya there. We are the 2nd league to bowl on our lanes. And by the time we get on them, they usually start to break down, line wise. Last night the lanes were really good. They had just enough oil, and the new ball plowed through the pocket. I shot a 602. FIRST six series in a LONG time. First game I had 209, second was a 222 and the third game was a 171. I was having trouble adjusting my feet position though. DUH it's a new ball I should have expected that. But most of my stikes for the 1st game were on the lefty side. Which was really pi$$ing me off because no matter how much I moved it still came in on the left. The second game I moved further left and it just crushed the pocket. And the third game... :cursin: All I had were splits! First frame was a pocket seven/ten. fourth frame I nose dived it and ended up with the 4,6,7,10 (The big four) and then there were a few frames I had the baby split (3,10) And it was only on lane 29. I got so pi$$ed that I just started throwing my old ball...LOL... ALL in all I had a pretty good night. Just got to get my footing down. Any suggestions?
Great series! Nice to get a new ball and throw well... My suggestion for footing, tips, etc. is to buy "Winning Bowling" by Earl Anthony - priceless book - brought my game to the next level.. Winning Bowling on Amazon

Buy it, read it, live by it, read it again and again.. I read it once a year at least...
Tuesday update...

Ok so now it is getting to be a curse that damn 279 game... Since that game (8 straight games) no 200 game! DOH! I wish I had never bowled it and just bowled some menial 230 games instead - last night was 182, 187 & 199. Second game I throw a 4 bagger to start and end up with 3 splits and 2 strikes to finish at 187! Then 3rd game I go into the 10th on a double and think for sure I have a 200 game - nope - get a split and I pick it up for a 199! I'm going to have to pull the tin cup and put the change in the other pocket next week.. At least we took 7 points though to start the second half.. We changed our team name like we did last year for the second half - got us first place last year so it is worth a try...
CharlieMavCBR said:
Damn, MP. :hug: Sounds like you had a rough night. I'm sure you'll pick it back up. We all have our off weeks. See the splits piss me off to no end. And I watch some of the people I bowl with, and it really burns my a$$ when they throw the exact same shot as I did and end up with a $hitty strike. Meanwhile, I get F*ed. :cursin:

I bowl tomorrow and Friday. :eyeroll: So we'll see what happens.

Try not to get too pissed about your bowling, hon. They salways say the more pissed off you get, the worse you'll do. And I'm VERY guilty of that. :lol:
Yeah I know. I used to get pissed and it never helped. I got over that and my game went to the next level. It is just frustrating.. We'll see what happens next week.. Good luck tonight looking forward to hearing about another 600 series...
CharlieMavCBR said:
Well so much for my 600 series. *Sighs* I was four pins off. I had a 202, 195, 184 for a series of 581. I'm not upset though. I got my average. I was getting pissed because I kept leaving ten pins. It'd be a nice pocket shot, then BAM! Ten pin. BUT I've got another fun filled night of bowling Friday, so we'll see what happens then. :)

Let me know how you do on your next night of bowling. :)
Not bad.. At least you went over 200 one game.. Hey we need a replacement girl on our team next year - you should quit your job and move you and your family up here just so you can bowl on Tuesdays with us.. Our two girls have bowled for 6+ years and SUCK - how can you bowl for that long and suck and have a 117 average? If they weren't half way decent eye candy we'd send em packing.. Keep up the good work and good luck bowling tonight.. I will let you know what happens Tuesday..
CharlieMavCBR said:
LMAO...I don't think that would go over too well with the hubby. "Oh Honey, btw, we're moving so I can go bowl on MP's team cuz his other female team mates SUCK!" He'd look at me, laugh and say. "Yeeeeeeah Right."

Well I'm used to bowling on the lower lanes and tonight I'm on the upper lanes. *groans* So I'm gonna have to try and adjust. Which SUCKS complete arse, because adjusting is one of my downfalls. :rant: Not to mention, the prick who is always on my case when I do horrible. He tells me to, "Get my head out of my arse, and start bowling." He can't bowl worth $hit, but yet he tells ME how to bowl. :wtf:

But yeah when I come home tonight I'll update again. :)

Probably a dumb question, but do you just bowl on Tuesday's? I think you said something about ait, but I'm just too lazy to scroll...LOL
Yeah I just bowl Tuesdays. I used to be on 4 leagues but after my Bowler's Anonymous Class (oh yeah 4 leagues and tournaments in Canada and Detroit area every other weekend) my bowling therapist and my checkbook have me down to just one league.

I used to bowl on Friday with a guy like that - he had a 220 average and if you missed a spare he jumped your shyt. Everyone hated him. So finally, even though I wasn't the captain, in the middle of the second game like the 6th week I missed a spare and he said something - ok my infinite patience wore out - I said listen f*ckwad you have two choices - get your f'ing balls and go home now or after bowling I will shove them up your arse for permenant storage. He went over to the captain and said WTF is his problem and the captain said don't ask me because I am going to hold you while he shoves those balls up your arse - last we ever saw of him.. lol..

So how did you do Friday? No update?

I am going in tonight.. Cover me.. It could get a little ugly.. Even though I am in Anger Management you never know just when MP might snap or have a momentairy laspe of reason like last week when I yelled f&ck so loud the other side heard it.. lol..
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201 - 194 - 191 = 586. Bah. I am stuck right around 195. We took the first game but lost the next two. That 279 game has been a curse. This was the first 200 game I bowled since then. Well it could be worse I could be bowling 170 or lower games I guess. It is always one or two frames that gets me - usually the 10th. If there was something I could do to adjust I would but it is just inconsistency of me, the lanes, etc. The only consistent thing in my game is my damn ball. It does what it should.. Welp still 16 weeks to go...
CharlieMavCBR said:
I DID IT MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I beat my all time high game AND my all time high series!!!!!!! My first game was a 166 and I thought I was gonna have terrible night. But then my second game I bowled a 268. (Beat my 267 after 5 and half years) ANd my third game was a 222 for a high series of 656. FOUR pins over my 652!!!! OMG I was so happy I cried!!! You seriously would have thought I bowled a three. I even took pics of the games with my camera phone. I'll upload them in a bit! I just got in the door 2 second... okay like 2 minutes ago!! LOL
Great job! Congrats. That is why we play the game right? So I too had a miracolous evening last night - of course I didn't break any records like you though but I still consider it a good night.

First off last week I hit a 605 - it was weak and I struggled but I'll take any 600 series - it helped me get off the snyde..

So last night - OMG - it was the night of one ball - one ball that changed everything. So first game I do ok and in the 10th frame I have a chance to hit a 253 but I throw a 9 and miss the 7 pin for a 223 - remember that now as it comes into play later. So second game I miss a 5 pin in the 7th frame - yes a f'ing 5 pin and it cost me the 200 game - I end up with 192. So third game first 6 frames I am stroking like a mfr. So on the 6 bagger I throw the 7th ball and it is weak but barely trips the 10 pin. 8th frame complete disastor way brooklyn so much that you say oh well but somehow it holds on and I get a lucky one. 9th frame stroked it. So now the moment of truth - 10th frame. I felt good coming off a strong ball in the 9th. I didn't think about and no one said anything - a rarety in itself. So I go up and throw the ball - I tugged it - about 1/4" away from a 300 I was as the 5 pin stood there laughing at me. Picked it up, struck, flicked off the pins, packed my bag and went home with a 279 and a 794 series - damn 5 pin cost me not only a 300 game but the 700 series as well. Like I said in my original post I would have given up the 300 game for a 700 series or vice versa. That 10th frame in the first game and the 5 pin in the second - one ball could have changed everything. Well I still feel 694 is a great series and we took all 7. It just makes me want to bowl even more to get that rare chance. It also brought my average up to 199. I am determined to get it over 200 by the end of the year.

Yeah I have been keeping a low profile. Lots going on, trying to focus on a few things right now. I will check in from time to time. Use the force and bowl well!
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Where u @ Char where u @?

I was waiting for an update.. Let's hear it..
Tuesday update...

171....195....246....612 series. Now all I need is a 650 series to bring my average to an official 200..

Char where you at?
CharlieMavCBR said:
Hey MP!!!!! Not bad! At least you got a six series. Last week was just a disaster and I never want to talk about it again. I didn't even break a 5 series...LOL (mother f*ing SPLITS!!! I got tired of seeing S on that f*in screen...LOL)

But I'm hoping to give you a good report this thursday and friday! ;)
Not to worry.. I have had those weeks.. MP has rolled a 437 now and again.. It is bad but you just have to chalk it up and move on.. If we bowled great every week why bother? It is those rare opportunities that keep us coming back for more like a crackhead.. Good to hear from you.. Good luck this week! Remember - just "roll" the ball..
CharlieMavCBR said:
Well...I didn't have too bad a night tonight. I had a 172, 184 and a 202 for a 558 series. They put a new shot down for the Women's state tourney coming up up. So the oil pattern is, oil through the middle and the sides dryer than a mofo. :rant: A lot of my strikes were Brooklyn but hey, they all FALL DOWN! :lol: I did what you told me..."roll" the ball. :dthumb:

I'm hoping I do descent tomorrow night (Friday night) So prepare for another update. :)
Booyah - you are back on track.. An old wise man once told me (of course I was imbibing heavily in long islands and tequila so he probably didn't think I would remember but I do) that forget all the bs and just "roll the ball" - kind of like chubbs on happy gilmore - instead of a tap tap tappy - roll the ball.. I invision chubbs voice in my head "Mudpuppy just roll the ball.." Keep up the good work and let's get a 600 tonight.. My future team-mate cannot be a slacker.. Oh update on the 2 ladies on my team - they combined for a 600 this week - that's good right? lol.. Look forward to the next update... I am itching to let the Ricochet rip now..
That will work - you are back on the climb.. That sucks about the tape.. You won't have that problem on my team - I get tape out almost every week with my trusty pocket knife not like numnuts with the car keys.. lol.. I am itching for Tuesday now.. I used to be on 4 leagues which was cool because I bowled all the time.. Now it is too infrequent..
Thanks I need a 650 to reach that magic 200 average which is my goal for this year..
double2000r6 said:
Thanks I need a 650 to reach that magic 200 average which is my goal for this year..
Yeah so the dream is over.. DANGIT! 139!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first game - nothing I did was working.. a 139????!?!?!??!?!?!? DANGIT!! Ended up 139-211-201 for a 551 series - DOH! :cursin:

Now I need a 705 next week to bring my new average of 198 up to 200.. We ended up losing 7 - it was a pitiful week.. One of our girls was not there and the other one bowled great while us 3 guys looked like crap - 3rd bowler ave = 206 - bowled a 553, me a 551 and the anchor with an ave of 191 bowled a 496.. Well at least I broke 500 right? lol.. The other team beat us like a dead horse.. (I just said that because I like to insert this whenever possible) - :bthorse:
CharlieMavCBR said:
Very good, two nights of bowling this week. Thursday night I bowled a 188, 161, 198 and ended up with a 547. nothing too exciting...But on Friday was an awsome night. My teammate Shawn (Matt, you know him from our parties) threw his first 300 game last night. In all honesty though, he threw great balls up until the last ball of the tenth frame. He whipped it down the lane, and it went Brooklyn, delaying the ten pin to fall. Damn thing took it's own sweet time to fall. :rant: Cuz you know if that was either of us, that mofo would still be standing. considering his first two games I beat the Sh*t out of him. LOL...But ANYHOO...he did great... for me on the other hand I threw a 174, 203, 233 for a 610 series.

You're due for high series and games MP! Unfortunately, bowling likes to put us all through a slump. There are times when I get so mad I wonder why I even bowl...LOL ;)
Sounds good. Damn good series Friday! I am 2 weeks away from getting the ball resurfaced so if my game doesn't pick up this week or next it will in a couple of weeks when I get the track erased.. Overall this year I can't complain - I have been the model of consistency (except for my birthday when I got drunk and threw a 538 series.. lol)..
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