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the end of my reign is near...

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as this month draws to a close, i wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my bike being chosen as the first BOTM. before my photo is replaced on the front page with another well-deserving piece of machinery, i wanted to ask for any opinions as to what else i should add or modify on my bike. i am always open for suggestions. good luck to all that entered their rides and congrats in advance to next month's winner. it was an honor to be featured on the best sportbike forum in existence. thanks to all...
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itgirl25 said:
the one thing i am sure i won't change about my bike is the color of it. so i'm sorry jeeps, but no pink this time around. and i'm not to keen on gaudy stickers either. sorry als-repsol, they do look good on your ride though. i do like the simplicity of the look of my bike. no splashy color schemes or wild graphics, just pure understated elegance. that i won't mess with. but i will be removing my bra (well, the bike's bra at least). ha ha. thanks for all the suggestions guys. you've given me lots to ponder over the cold weather months.
Don't blame that on me. :nonod:
You could put a hot naked chick on it and send me the photos or better yet. Let me take the photos. :wink: :whistle: :lol:
Gas Man said:
It... if you are looking for protection and loosing the bra... try Tankslapper
Good stuff. :dthumb: I've used it and another brand before. Ill think of it after while.
itgirl25 said:
sorry jeeps, i meant to direct the pink comment at twisty. :sorry: :dthumb:
:dthumb: :hug: Any volunteers for the photo shot? :whistle:
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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