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the end of my reign is near...

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as this month draws to a close, i wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my bike being chosen as the first BOTM. before my photo is replaced on the front page with another well-deserving piece of machinery, i wanted to ask for any opinions as to what else i should add or modify on my bike. i am always open for suggestions. good luck to all that entered their rides and congrats in advance to next month's winner. it was an honor to be featured on the best sportbike forum in existence. thanks to all...
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Put a link or another picture so we don't have to go back and forth.
I'd get a custom exhaust hanger and take off the pegs. The pegs are pointless if you're gonna have a cowl on there. I also strongly agree w/ everything talisman said.
Tank pads? Yeah they do a great job. You just gotta place it right. It's not hard. Don't buy ones w/ nylon or cloth like material, they suck. I don't know what the good ones are made of but they work the best. I want to say my guess would be something along the lines of silicone or something. But they last a long time.

I picked up my hanger on ebay for like 25 bucks incuding shipping. It's powdercoated too.
itgirl25 said:
no changes yet. i have plans to though. i have a tank pad on my xmas list. the reflectors will be easy to take off. maybe after the holidays i'll get to it. i have all winter make mods. you guys will be the first to know when i do. thanks for asking... :cheers:
Just curious...and wanted to raise my post count.
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