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A blind man makes a name for himself as a skydiver. A journalist comes to interview him and starts to ask him some questions. The interviewer asked, "How do you actually do the parachute jump?" The blind man replied, "Well, they put the parachute on me, take me up in the plane and put the rip cord in my hand. When the plane gets over the spot where I'm supposed to jump, they tell me and out I go." The impressed interviewer continued, "But how do you know when to pull the rip cord?" The blind man said, "Well, at about 300 feet my sense of smell kicks in. When I can smell the flowers and the trees, I know it's time to pull the cord." The interviewer asks, "But how do you know when to straighten your legs out and get into landing position?" The blind man says, "That's easy. When the dog's leash goes slack."
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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