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The Personal Hygiene test

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How Clean are You????

Score = 75

When it comes to hygiene, you're a happy, healthy medium. You know the importance of cleanliness, both for protection against nasty germs and to maintain a decent appearance, but you don't go to extremes. When the situation calls for a little flexibility - like camping and having to use a grimy outdoor toilet - you're willing to suck it up and tolerate a less than hygienic situation. Generally, though, you make the effort to avoid micro-creepies and crawlies. Depending on your answers to specific questions on the test, you seem to be winning the war against germs. If you answered, however, that you don't always wash your hands after using the loo, this would be a good time to reassess your habits!
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Your score = 95

Germs are your enemy, and you've staged an all out war against them. You're usually sporting fresh undies and your hair is squeaky clean. You wouldn't dare eat something that fell on the floor, and the thought of using someone else's toothbrush gives you the jeebies. Of course, everyone has certain things they find particularly repulsive, but there's also the possibility of going too far - do you shower several times a day, even though you don't really need to? Do you feel horribly uncomfortable in less-than-spotless environments, like a friend's neglected bathroom? While it's certainly beneficial to maintain a high level of hygiene, scientists have recently discovered that society's obsession with cleanliness is resulting in weakened immune systems. If we never allow ourselves the slightest exposure to some creepy crawlies, our bodies don't learn that they are, in fact, harmless. So keep on washing your hair and changing that underwear…but you could relax a little!
I seem to have Monk like Tendencies :screwy:
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