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The pouncing thread!!!

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thanks but I'll be OK. I'll just kiss her a$$ for a bit and all will be better. If not, then I'll head to the strip club and get real drunk and hit on strippers. WOnt' make her feel better but I sure will!! :here:
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Yep, and if N4S doesn't keep CJD happy I'm here waiting in the grass....just waiting to pounce on that HOTT CJD!!
Here's a thread that got split off the GMC Enovy thread jacking...
Ace said:
LMAO Chris, you better be careful on the "pouncin" you wait to do. Cause I am pretty sure many are just as willing to "pounce" your little Tamale. Just never wonder why your kid does not look like you and looks more like Tinman. LOL :eek:
My wife as well as most others, know I'm just havin some communication fun. I mean no harm by it.

Besides, I don't worry about the wifey. Heck, we were at the bar this weekend and she got hit on 2 or 3 times. Everytime, she just said no thanks. I treat her well...

:jacked: :jacked:

N4S maybe you should split this stuff off this thread and onto another one....

This one
Yeah just put all those pouncing posts from the envoy thread in here...
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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