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The pouncing thread!!!

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thanks but I'll be OK. I'll just kiss her a$$ for a bit and all will be better. If not, then I'll head to the strip club and get real drunk and hit on strippers. WOnt' make her feel better but I sure will!! :here:
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cerveja said:
....another thread destroyed.....

Yo, Chev, gettin' a little emotional for a second there, it may already be too late for Doctor Phil to intervene.

you guys could have used Dr. Phil to help get that fuse out down here in PA.

ok that was a feeble attempt at getting this thread back on track..but well u know.. ;)
Ace said:
LMAO Chris, you better be careful on the "pouncin" you wait to do. Cause I am pretty sure many are just as willing to "pounce" your little Tamale. Just never wonder why your kid does not look like you and looks more like Tinman. LOL :eek:

somebody actually WANTS to pounce on chris??? who'd a thunk it ???????
chev said:
NO WAY. Ace is refering to Gas Man's woman. Don't know how he does it. I'll tell you this much, without crossing any lines and getting him mad at me.. :drool: :jd:

whew..ok, scared me there for a sec! :lol:
i move those posts in here this evening for ya. just the pouncing ones or all the highjacked ones in general?
Gas Man said:
N4S maybe you should split this stuff off this thread and onto another one....

This one

okie dokie..will do it this evening for ya.
Gas Man said:
Yeah just put all those pouncing posts from the envoy thread in here...
no probs..!
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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