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The problem with new sport bikes is...

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...a tall first gear. I was reading on a CBR site about how a rider had to rev up and slip the clutch on a new CBR 1000RR or stall it out. The manufacturers are making first gear real tall (Kawasaki's ad says "100mph in first gear"). This is to prevent the short-wheelbase bikes from flipping over in first gear.

Give me an older bike for street racing. Here is what the May, 1991 issue of Cycle Magazine (RIP) states for 0-60 times. Yeah, it was different riders, tire compounds, etc., but the times are real.
1991 CBR 1000F=2.75
1991 ZX-11=2.65
The November, 2004 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News states the following 0-60 times:
2004 CBR 1000RR=3.19
2004 ZX-10R=3.12
The newer Honda is 137 pounds lighter, and 3.3 inches shorter wheelbase.
The newer Ninja is 156 pounds lighter, and 3.9 inches shorter wheelbase.

I raced an R1 across the intersection and let off when I hit 60, double the posted speed limit. That's when he passed me. And with the weight difference, it was like I had a passenger. Yes, I like older bikes.
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jeeps84 said:
Even with the stock gearing.
The newer bikes make their power through a smother power band.

They didn't name the original Gixxer a Sling Shot for nothing. When the power came on. It was like ridding a two stroke. They would pull from start then hang on. :yikes: They felt like they were going to pull out from under you.
I have a 92 GSXR 750 and I can tell you that that thing takes off when it hits 7k. It pulls hard off the line but at 7 grand she opens up until about 12 grr when the power starts leveling out to the 13,500 redline.

Now granted I can't do triple digit speeds in first, but she's plenty fast for me.
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