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The problem with new sport bikes is...

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...a tall first gear. I was reading on a CBR site about how a rider had to rev up and slip the clutch on a new CBR 1000RR or stall it out. The manufacturers are making first gear real tall (Kawasaki's ad says "100mph in first gear"). This is to prevent the short-wheelbase bikes from flipping over in first gear.

Give me an older bike for street racing. Here is what the May, 1991 issue of Cycle Magazine (RIP) states for 0-60 times. Yeah, it was different riders, tire compounds, etc., but the times are real.
1991 CBR 1000F=2.75
1991 ZX-11=2.65
The November, 2004 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News states the following 0-60 times:
2004 CBR 1000RR=3.19
2004 ZX-10R=3.12
The newer Honda is 137 pounds lighter, and 3.3 inches shorter wheelbase.
The newer Ninja is 156 pounds lighter, and 3.9 inches shorter wheelbase.

I raced an R1 across the intersection and let off when I hit 60, double the posted speed limit. That's when he passed me. And with the weight difference, it was like I had a passenger. Yes, I like older bikes.
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Well I think all the newer bikes have such tall first gears. I mean 100 mph in first on most of the liter bikes... do we really need that? However, if you shorten the first gear the rideability becomes even harder to find!
Well what I mean is that the ridability of being able to go WOT in first... I can't say I have ever rode one of these older bikes in question but I know that the newer liter bikes... WOT in first CAN become a death wish!
jeeps84 said:
Nothing some new sprockets cant cure. :2cents:
Oh yeah the new sprockets even with a little change will do a whole lot to the way the bike reacts to the throttle... my 9R was very noticeable when I went +1 in the rear and -1 in the front!!
Gumby said:
Wide open throttle
^^^ yep! ^^^
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