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The Squidliest i'll ever be

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Ok my tire has bene on its way out for aobut a 1000 miles now.. so i went for a last rifde cuz it was a last seocnd invite ot a 100+bike ride sunday(put on by the local triumph dealer.....
tire was odne but i htought, hey ill just go ride easy... well it ended up being a ton of crusiers at thought.. but also some dual sports and a GSXR750race prepped , a bunch of Daytona 955i and TT600s... a R1 and a Ducati Testasradda(i htink)

So it was on in the corners.. everyone was haivng fun racing in good spirits... my bald ass tire hit 150mph easy... i actually slipped a tire in a turn.. but it was the front tire thats in good out off all the bikes i hit hte end of the road seocn... following the Duc.. with the 750 right behind me...

4th????? R1..nope...TriumphTiger (dual sport)with the triple 955motor... Ridden by who other hten hte 65 Y/o Dealership owner... with his wife on bike....Good god he was within a minute of me after 35miles of twisties

That guy ROCKS.......hes faster hten hell... i wanna se him with the Daytona under him he shoulda raced as a yuong guy..hell maybe he did, he impressed me like no tomorrow...hes retirment and dying age hauling ASSSSSSSSSS with a bike not made to do it and a passenger to boot. He is now my rolemodel of how to ride.

OH YEAH....and when i got back and parked my bike.. i had about 8" of steel belts showing on the tire.....and it never slipped an inch. not sure if itll even do a burnout now before popping. Thats my squid move of the lifetime... never gonna ride past wear bars agian, rest the week im ridng my 500 to work till i get the 12R mounted on it.
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Holy friggin crap

the responses were nowhere near what i thought.. i mena i knew someone would mention the old guy being good.. and he was... but i thought id have a line to say theyd never ride with me after

I think worst case though and ida had ten miles to walk to get to the gas I'll never do it agian and it was a mistake to not check the tire sooner.. oh well though.. old guys rock.. esp old black guys.. NOBODY is funnier.. eVery old black guy ive ever tlaked to has put bumble to shame on jokes...

Where is he anyways?
Oh yeah

and tomorrow after owrk is burnout on video time.. till it pops is the plan.
The video will be in the burnout section of shortly there after... TWF's own UpOnOne posting member
the guy on the R1 was about an average rider...... i outcornered him and he didnt really open it up on the straights either.. i ran about even with him on the stright runs. He cornered ok just wasnt really getting it low and hard

But hte old guy on the Tiger woulda been downright cool to see what he could do on a GSXR or R1 or ZX10.... then he would been 5 minutes ahead of everyone. There were actually a few guys on triumph Bonnevilles that were haulin butt too......fastest cruiser riders ive seen.
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