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The Twisty TOY!!!

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Twisty, when did you find the time to model for this toy?

It is a '04 GSXR 1000 with a studly racer guy on it!! This thing really did look pretty cool!!!

Maybe Pippi should get one for ya!!!

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I saw it in the actual store but here's a linky to the toy from their website!

:dthumb: This thing rocks!! I wish they made others!!!
Man that thing looked so cool!! I took the pics with my camera phone, just so I would remember and have something to show Twisty!!!

It was seriously pretty cool. It looked to be about a foot tall and about 20-24" long!!! I mean this thing wasn't small at all!!!
However, I checked out the review on the site and this particular guy said it sucked!! That it was cheaply made!!! Review Link

I have used one of the small versions of something similar to this and it wasn't too bad. Not sure about this one, but as long as you weren't serious ruff with it, I would think it would be WAY cool for the guy that owns one and wants it as a garage trophy!!
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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