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The Ultimet Fighter Finale

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if you guys watch it the final thing is tonight LIVE!!!!!!!!!

oh man i cant wait!!!!!

i think griffen and diego will take the contracts, but it is a toss up between griffen and boner

if you havent watched it the go to SPIKE TV at 9 o clock and watch it!!!!

it is MMA at its best!!! only true men can do this crap :lol: :dthumb:
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yay violence!

Watched it and loved it. Diego won easily and Bonner and Forest beat the living h3!! outta each other. Forest won but Bonnar also won a contract because it was an epic fight. I wish i could do that but im a lover not a fighter.. :whistle:
so the bulldog has a fight tomorrow... Stealing girlfriends again?
so you take punches for him and he hooks you up with women folk? :skep:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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