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The womenly figure

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What is going on with with women these days. I'm in a web class all this week and every women is out of shape or just plain FAT! What happened to eating a healthy diet and excercise? Iam not looking to get with any women from class, I have a wonder GF in Pippi(member here) It is just a eye sore I guess and very unhealthy. What is happing to america in waist line area. Today I went to lunch and 80% of the people were very over weight. Over weight is like Mike Moore( I hate him and would like to smash his head with a rock). I miss women looking like women. Put down the Cheeseburger and HO-HO and get in the gym. Look good for you man. But most important look good for yourself. :smash:
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A friend of mine just returned from some time in Italy. He said that the difference in waistlines was simply amazing. He said he didn't see a single big 'un there. Everyone was in good shape. The food was only marginally healthier, the biggest difference is that *everyone* got a lot of exercise.
thrills said:
btw people that know me form corvetteforum will attest to the fact that Im not a heavyweight :p:
Hiya Thrills! Nice to see you over on this side.

Still doing Body for Life?
thrills said:
Hey Mojo, you still have any vettes left? I loved that steele blue beauty you had for so long but I think you sold it a few years back for a C5 right?

Basically Body for Life just gave me direction and motivation for a healthy lifestyle and mostly I still follow the routine. I still try to eat basically all of those foods and follow the exercise scheme as well, but Ive had to adapt with the second job. Ill always be into fitness its just too important for me not to. :thumbs:
I sold the C5 about a year ago. I just wasn't driving it, and it was an awful lot of money to just sit there. My shop is filled with bikes now. :D
1 - 3 of 60 Posts
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