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The womenly figure

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What is going on with with women these days. I'm in a web class all this week and every women is out of shape or just plain FAT! What happened to eating a healthy diet and excercise? Iam not looking to get with any women from class, I have a wonder GF in Pippi(member here) It is just a eye sore I guess and very unhealthy. What is happing to america in waist line area. Today I went to lunch and 80% of the people were very over weight. Over weight is like Mike Moore( I hate him and would like to smash his head with a rock). I miss women looking like women. Put down the Cheeseburger and HO-HO and get in the gym. Look good for you man. But most important look good for yourself. :smash:
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Some ppl may not have a choice on this where the most of them do. Like Twisty said, eat right, work out and put the Ho Hos down. You read more and more today and see it in the news about "America" getting fat. Stop eating out so damn much and eat right.
twisty said:
Post a pic of yourself... :smash:

All I can say is shes HOT. I will see if I can find some of the pics I took and post them up for you to see. hehehe
Need4Speed750 said:
if she's like any other woman who hates having thier picture taken...then good luck bro! :lol:

SSHHHH. I have a few good ones she doesn't know about. She thinks I got rid of them and burned them. hehehe Don't tell her. :dthumb:
3BoyzNaBike said:
Umm No thanks DJ, i will post my own. :lol:

Here I am after a night of Beer and Tacos: :lol: :lol:

Step back and away from the Tacos and Beer ma'am. NOW :lol:
Need4Speed750 said:
was waiting for some more TWF chicks to chime in on this one. she's got a point too...goes both ways...where there's a chick, there's usually a dude holding the door into the local pizza shop. :D

God that was a good one. May get you into trouble but good. :D
Hehehe I got that in an email once before at work and opened it and found out later that I was being monitored on that call. LOL good thing it was a guy doing the grading and he liked the pic. hehehe :D
Hey there gsxrgirly. Welcome to twowheelforum. Glad you joined. Post away and have fun. :dthumb:
We as a country and a society are the largest and fatest of any other country in the world. WTF We need to do something about this. Work out america and lay off the greasy foods. :bash:
1 - 8 of 60 Posts
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