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The womenly figure

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What is going on with with women these days. I'm in a web class all this week and every women is out of shape or just plain FAT! What happened to eating a healthy diet and excercise? Iam not looking to get with any women from class, I have a wonder GF in Pippi(member here) It is just a eye sore I guess and very unhealthy. What is happing to america in waist line area. Today I went to lunch and 80% of the people were very over weight. Over weight is like Mike Moore( I hate him and would like to smash his head with a rock). I miss women looking like women. Put down the Cheeseburger and HO-HO and get in the gym. Look good for you man. But most important look good for yourself. :smash:
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Twisty, my young lad, some day you will learn. LOL But I questioned the same thing when I graduated from MSU. I mean being at Michigan State for 5 years I was surrounded by amazing looking women. Once I graduated and entered the "real world" those amazing woman all seemed to have let themselves go. So I asked a similar question. The answer I received is that all women will look good once all guys stop being ass holes. So I think its safe to assume its never gonna happen! LOL :bash:

We did not become the fattest city for no reason!
Need4Speed750 said:
I think York can give you a run for ur money with that honor! :eek:

Your probably right on that one. But then again I would prefer the women having a few extra pounds than looking like this...........
1 - 2 of 60 Posts
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