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They speak for America?

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That Blonde is hot...That was funny
did I menton, I hate canada. Canada is like the ugly girlfriend of the world. If it wasnt for the US, canada would have been sucked up by the old USSR. Thats why we got alaska, it is a buffer between russia and the weak canadans.

Man, Pigface wiped the floor Beanz....
You could be right....
jetskifast said:
Lets not forget Canada number one importer of oil into USA.
California and its 5th largest economy in world with $ 1.4 Trillion in gross State product. Would send USA economy into tail spin if California left state hood.
USA total national gross product about $11 trillion, CA is about 10% USA total, with $10 billion in State government debt. USA government $8.18 TRILLION in debt thanks to your buddy Mr. Bush. Now who is bankrupt?????????

Here we go with the liberals..... :bthorse:
Anyway the blonde chick was hot...She should be in a porno or somthing....
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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