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They speak for America?

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Ignorance defined

Pigface1 said:
Jesus, doesn't anyone watch the news anymore? lol

That's Ann Coulter, she's hot, but she is off her rocker. She makes Limbaugh look like Al Sharpton.

However, she has a point here. If we weren't here, Canada would be taken over in a week. They helped storm one beach on D-Day, and then think they can act like their French counterparts for the rest of the century and then some.

I have a couple Canadian friends and they can't stand their gov't either.
and who would actually take over Canada?
almost the whole world would defend us
wish I could go on that show and own that biatch with a serious history lesson:

- "Only the bad Americans go there" and she mentions the blue states, Vietnam families, and various other groups. So I'm assuming that only traitors go to Canada is what she is trying to say. Hm last I checked the entire US as a country is a group of traitors, seperating from the British Colonies.
- Last time the US tried to "roll over us" was 1812 - we burnt down the white house
- Our economy floats on the US one? Sure we're their largest trading partner, but it's vice versa as well. And let's see how well your economy does without LA and the entire state of California when we shut off the free power we've been giving you from BC Hydro Besides, ours is on the up while yours is on the down. There's a reason why our dollar and shot up 15 cents in the last year vs the US dollar.
- Agreed, our military isn't all that great, but it was when it counted. We had the 4th largest military in the world in WWII, and we fought in it 2.5 years longer then the US did! In more recent years we've realised we don't need to spend all our money on military power and instead have a healthcare system and a lack of ghetto's in our cities.
- The French comment - hate everyone that's different from you cause that's the American way!
- Finally, I would like to point out how many major national issues are a direct result of the US's own ignorance:
Cuban Missle Crisis: Bay Of Pigs - let's cut them off from our economy and make them be so desperate to go the Russians... oh **** they gave them missles
Iraq: You gave Saddam 3 billion dollars in weapons / money for weapons
Iran: Ditto to fight the Iraqis
Osama Bin Laden: The CIA trained the guy and funded all his mischief for years
North Korea: Clinton administration finally cracked the shell and made progress with Kim Jeong Il. He was ready to sign a treaty that would cease his Nuclear Program in return for trade help from the US. Bush comes into power just before this treaty could be signed and cuts him off stating "We don't deal with terrorists". A few months later when N.K. shows the world they have Nuclear weapons Bush comes under heavy fire. To which he replies "Well of course we're open to talks with them, we always have been. We're just not going to let ourselves be bullied by terrorists."

Where's the slapping your forhead and shaking your head in disbelief smiley?
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1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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