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They speak for America?

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Jesus, doesn't anyone watch the news anymore? lol

That's Ann Coulter, she's hot, but she is off her rocker. She makes Limbaugh look like Al Sharpton.

However, she has a point here. If we weren't here, Canada would be taken over in a week. They helped storm one beach on D-Day, and then think they can act like their French counterparts for the rest of the century and then some.

I have a couple Canadian friends and they can't stand their gov't either.
beanz said:
almost the whole world would defend us
Who and why? Shyt, France, Belgium, won't even protect themselves, why would they travel half way across the world to protect you?

I know what I'm saying makes it look like I'm a Canada hater. . I'm not. I like the people, just can't stand your government, so please don't take it personally.
beanz said:
wish I could go on that show and own that biatch with a serious history lesson:

- "Only the bad Americans go there" and she mentions the blue states, Vietnam families, and various other groups. So I'm assuming that only traitors go to Canada is what she is trying to say. Hm last I checked the entire US as a country is a group of traitors, seperating from the British Colonies.

Colonists got sick of snot nosed elitests in Europe that wanted to control every facet of their lives.

- Last time the US tried to "roll over us" was 1812 - we burnt down the white house

Yeah, thanks for that. Pat us on the back, then kick us in the balls. You guys sided with the Brits because you thought they were going to win. No more, no less, and you still lost. The French learned the same thing in the French and Indian war.

- Our economy floats on the US one? Sure we're their largest trading partner, but it's vice versa as well. And let's see how well your economy does without LA and the entire state of California when we shut off the free power we've been giving you from BC Hydro Besides, ours is on the up while yours is on the down. There's a reason why our dollar and shot up 15 cents in the last year vs the US dollar.

Check your facts, California is bankrupt.

- Agreed, our military isn't all that great, but it was when it counted. We had the 4th largest military in the world in WWII, and we fought in it 2.5 years longer then the US did! In more recent years we've realised we don't need to spend all our money on military power and instead have a healthcare system and a lack of ghetto's in our cities.

2.5 years more and you didn't accomplish anything. The U.S. took 80% of the casualties on D Day while you guys stormed half a beach with the Brits. Meanwhile we were also fighting in the Pacific. Thanks for your help there, too.

- The French comment - hate everyone that's different from you cause that's the American way!

**** France.

- Finally, I would like to point out how many major national issues are a direct result of the US's own ignorance:
Cuban Missle Crisis: Bay Of Pigs - let's cut them off from our economy and make them be so desperate to go the Russians... oh **** they gave them missles

You can think your like-minded buddy JFK for that.

Iraq: You gave Saddam 3 billion dollars in weapons / money for weapons
Iran: Ditto to fight the Iraqis
Osama Bin Laden: The CIA trained the guy and funded all his mischief for years
North Korea: Clinton administration finally cracked the shell and made progress with Kim Jeong Il. He was ready to sign a treaty that would cease his Nuclear Program in return for trade help from the US. Bush comes into power just before this treaty could be signed and cuts him off stating "We don't deal with terrorists". A few months later when N.K. shows the world they have Nuclear weapons Bush comes under heavy fire. To which he replies "Well of course we're open to talks with them, we always have been. We're just not going to let ourselves be bullied by terrorists."

The Ayatollah was the biggest threat in the Middle East, that's why the U.S. supported Iraq. Perhaps if Iran had stayed under control, not taken Americans hostage, not bombed the Olympics, and not overthrown the Shah, things may have been different. Unlike you guys, we don't turn a blind eye in regards to coups.

Bin Laden. Supporting the Mujahadeen played a vital roll in the fall of the Soviet Union, and in turn the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Clinton. Good job he did with China, ignoring the first World Trade Center Bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the USS Cole bombing, and the embassy bombing. We've been at odds with Korea for 50 years, what else is new.

Where's the slapping your forhead and shaking your head in disbelief smiley?

Smilies aren't going to help your argument, only history lessons.
CBR Rider said:
Pigface, thanks for addressing that, but you forgot to address another of our misguided neighbors comments - healthcare. Last time I checked, everyone I knew in Canada who could afford it came to the US for healthcare.
You have a good point. At the same time, I've heard story after story about people having to wait weeks just to get a simple eyeglass prescription, etc.

I prefer private healthcare. . let *me* choose what to do with my money, and keep my taxes low. I've spent a lot of time in Europe, and London may be my favorite city in the world. . but every country has their own priorities. Nobody in their right mind would compare say a public dental plan to a private dental plan. That is in no way meant to be a shot at England b/c everyone knows we have well more than our share of issues.

It's sad that many people don't have healthcare. However, I know plenty of people take advantage of the system.

Last year was the first year in several that I didn't go out with our local chamber and give food and gift baskets to the extremely poor and needy here in Oklahoma City. 80% of them are extremely greatful. The other 20% have 5 kids, no job, and a big screen tv. .looking for a handout. They take the food and toys as if we owe them something, and close the door. THAT is the mindset of many people that want public healthcare. . they want everything given to them. In fact, they think the government and everyone owes them.

I do a lot for charity and look for nothing in return. However, when it becomes mandatory and my healthcare suffers b/c I have to pay for someone else's, that crosses the line.

At the same time, I do think it's utter bs that we can't get prescription drugs from Canada. . Our healthcare system is a racket and it's a mess, but IMO, it's the best in the world. Laughable to some, but I guarantee you this is the country I'd want to be sick in.

Like I said, I don't mean this to come across as a knock on Canada although I'm sure it seems that way. Vancouver is hands down the most beautiful city I've ever been to, and I've never had anything against Canadians. Well, I didn't care for French Canadians when I lived in South Florida b/c they took all the parking in the winter time, but that's a different story. :lol:

I think Ann Coulter (the lady in the video) is probably the only woman in the world that deserves to be slapped on a regular basis.
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Seriously, please. . I try not to be petty, but at least write using the laws of basic grammar if you want to discuss these things. It's too hard for me to take you seriously without it.

Yes, California is the 5th largest economy in the world, and you're bankrupt. Or perhaps you forgot why Gray Davis wasn't allowed to finish his term as governor. California has been bailed out by the rest of the United States time and time again, and it's ridiculous when you consider Hollywood and Silicon Valley are there. Somehow, you guys managed to screw even that up because the movie industry's moving to Miami, and silicon is moving to Vegas and Phoenix.

Don't make me explain the economics of your own state, and please don't make me ask you to write coherently.

serious you grown man and need type like one. . it's aggrivating deciphering anything less. :crazy:
I'm done trying to debate anything with jetski. He makes the same points over and over, and ignores the replies, and the questions asked of him.

If someone the leans left wants to talk about it intelligently, like Kanwisch can, then I'll be more than happy to discuss it. Until then, it's pointless, and it's just going to lead to everyone getting pissed off. Which, from what I've seen on other forums, it's jetski's only goal anyway.

Anyway, like I said, I like Canadians, just hate their gov't. That's a bit of a paradox, but oh well.
Maybe I'm the only one that sees the common denominator.
The Saint said:
(you just keep coming back as someone else).... :lol:
No way, are you serious?

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