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They speak for America?

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Lets not forget Canada number one importer of oil into USA.
California and its 5th largest economy in world with $ 1.4 Trillion in gross State product. Would send USA economy into tail spin if California left state hood.
USA total national gross product about $11 trillion, CA is about 10% USA total, with $10 billion in State government debt. USA government $8.18 TRILLION in debt thanks to your buddy Mr. Bush. Now who is bankrupt?????????
The Saint said:
Yeah he did, but based upon his posts, I think Beanz might actually be semi-retarded... :lol:
You come here for Trolling only :skep:
Pigface1 said:
Seriously, please. . I try not to be petty, but at least write using the laws of basic grammar if you want to discuss these things. It's too hard for me to take you seriously without it.

Yes, California is the 5th largest economy in the world, and you're bankrupt. Or perhaps you forgot why Gray Davis wasn't allowed to finish his term as governor. California has been bailed out by the rest of the United States time and time again, and it's ridiculous when you consider Hollywood and Silicon Valley are there. Somehow, you guys managed to screw even that up because the movie industry's moving to Miami, and silicon is moving to Vegas and Phoenix.

Don't make me explain the economics of your own state, and please don't make me ask you to write coherently.

serious you grown man and need type like one. . it's aggrivating deciphering anything less. :crazy:
If you call California's $10 billion in debt on $1.4 trillion in sales bankrupt. What do you call $8.1 trillion in debt on $11 trillion in sales???
Love your spin on bailing out California :lol: California tax revenue paid IRS, outnumbers all red states put together.
By the way Arnold has done no better than Davis. Still same debt numbers under Arnold.
Now tell us Bush spin how huge national debt is good for us :lol:
twisty said:
Here we go with the liberals..... :bthorse:
Lets see how conservative you are when packing bags for India :thumbs:
Pigface1 said:
Maybe I'm the only one that sees the common denominator.
1. Proved wrong by facts.
2. Spin thread.
3. Bash poster.
The Saint said:
Oh, man....did I just get called a troll by Big Ted?!?!?!? :eek: :lol:

WTF troll at least a dozen different forums (some of them even after multiple bannings you just keep coming back as someone else).... :lol:
Young MIke :lol:
You might want to explain why you changed your name from Young Mike to Saint :screwy:
Only been banned from one forum todate :thumbs:
bumblebee said:
What planet are you living on?? The last time I checked, the Legislature in Sacramento writes the budget, appropriates monies, levies taxes and was the one who spent more money than they took in...that is called deficit spending. Californians have screwed themselves and now want the rest of us to bail them out using the same tired BS argument you post today. Your money problem is like your power problem, poor planning. Y'all voted green for years and refused to allow any group to build power plants in your state and when the grid failed, y'all got upset because the rest of us who built power plants and planned did not agree with your entitlement attitude and just "gave you" power because you felt you had a right to ours. The Federal deficit would be manageable if the socialists like Fienstein and Boxer would quit giving buckets of money away to appease foreigners while trying to repeal our civil rights at home...maybe you should move to Canada, you fit in well in a socialist state
You really need to keep up on current events :thumbs:
Explain power problem California had? Hint California power market manipulated by Bush's buddies :thumbs:
How do you rate national deficit growth under Bush leadership? :disapp:
Maybe you should look into Home land security act to see how many of your rights have been taken away past four years :nonod:
Maybe post in topics you know something about :loser:
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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