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his article is about month old or so, but pretty cool that he, in his position, still can put on a lid and strutt some stuff...

Honda CEO takes 181 mph joyride

Takeo Fukui hits the race track during a day-long presentation showcasing new safety technology.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Few auto makers boast a CEO who can demonstrate his company's racing vehicles at speeds of 181 miles an hour. Honda is one of them.

"Takeo Fukui, president and chief executive of Japan's third-biggest car maker, pulled off a publicity stunt Tuesday that had spectators applauding as he squeezed out of Honda's BAR f-1 racing car after doing laps around the test track.....

Minutes after stepping out of the F-1 machine, the 59-year-old Fukui continued to impress as he got on an RC211V racing bike and roared past the crowd, clearly in his element....

He then drove off quietly in the newly developed hydrogen-powered fuel cell scooter."

Honda Motor Company president Takeo Fukui
Interview, 11/09/04

Honda Motor Company president Takeo Fukui was at the Estoril circuit last weekend to witness for himself Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha revolution and watch the Italian rider take another step towards maintaining the title he won for Honda three times in a row. Fukui-san, the man behind the 1973 Honda Civic and the head of the engineers that created the NR500 in 1979, spoke frankly about the plight of the Honda riders in the MotoGP World Championship this season and admitted the factory were missing Rossi.
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